Man v Fat Canning Week 3 Season 2

Over 10 Again!

Awesome work everyone! We hit over 10kgs total lost for the week again with 13.3 lost! Taking our total for the season so far to 40.6kgs lost in 3 weeks! We will easily hit the 50kg mark by this time next week at the rate we are going, tremendous effort guys. Biggest loss for this week from an individual was Vincent with 2.6kgs, MASSIVE effort Vince, and great job! White lightning was the team who lost the most with 4.6kgs dropped collectively.

Scores taking into account weight loss penalties are below, and there was an overturn due to weight results!

                            Gremlins 7 – 5 Men in Black

                     White Lightning 8 – 2 Super Bloopers

                            Big Reds 4 – 2 Fat Blondies

The Gremlins were able to turn the score on the pitch around with some impressive weight loss scores! Whilst they lost 3-5 on the pitch, they scored 4 goals off the pitch to end up with the win, awesome work guys!!

The giants have fallen!! Fat blondies were toppled by the Big Reds in a big upset! This means 4 teams are sitting on equal points and only separated by goal difference now!

Food Diaries.

I saw a few more food diaries on Wednesday night which was awesome, thanks to those who are filling them out and showing me! The ones I saw looked really good and I’m seeing some improvements on the nutrition front and some consistency beginning to set in. All it takes is one bad week to turn a good thing bad and lose that run of consistency which will subsequently result in an increase on the scales. Consistency is key!!


This seems to still be the road block that is stopping a few of you from seeing some better results on the scales. All you need to start getting into some form of exercise routine is as simple as heading outside and going for a 20 minute walk. Even with the good diet changes, if you aren’t burning what you’re putting in those numbers wont drop as fast as you want them too. If anyone wants to chat about what to do at the gym, come and see me and I’ll happily give you advice :slight_smile:

Have a good week everyone and I will see you all on Wednesday!

Coach Josh