Man v Fat Canning Week 5 Season 2

Hitting big numbers again!

Well done guys!! 13kgs for the week taking us to 62kgs overall and making this week our biggest weight loss week as a whole since week 1, which was 17kgs! A few of you are starting to see the results from the work you’ve been putting in the last couple of weeks and it is reflecting on the scales now that your body is beginning to strip the fat! Biggest loss from an individual was from Shaun Rickard who lost 1.8kgs this week. Its no surprise as Shaun emailed me asking for some advice and is now putting in the word, awesome work mate! Biggest loss from a group was the gremlins who stripped 3.9kgs, great work guys! There were very few diaries which were completely filled out for me with the exercise done to get the extra goals, only a few players completed this task. Remember to try and get your book filled in guys as it will help me help you but also cause you to think more about the food you are putting into your body. I have a few players who are doing this on Myfitness pal, which I am more then ok with and will still award bonus goals for this :smiley:

The scores taking into account weight penalties are below:

                  Fat Blondies 22 - 2 Super Bloopers

                      Big Reds 5  - 8 Gremlins

               White Lightning 5 - 7 The Men in Black

An absolutely enormous performance both on and off the field from the Fat Blondies, who had every member of their team lose weight and so accrued quite a few off field goals to go with their 12 on-field goals. This is going to make them very hard to catch on goal difference now, even with Gremlins close on their heels with the same number of wins.

Water intake.

Are you drinking enough water? As I have said before, when weight loss is the goal, that fat has to go somewhere. Water plays a big part in weight loss as it helps flush everything out. If you are not getting enough water in daily it can be detrimental to your weight loss, as well as not being hydrated enough. Below is an article from Man v fat which I feel could help better articulate the role staying hydrated plays.

As always flick me an email or message if you ever have any questions.

Gave a good week!

Coach Josh