Man v Fat Canning Week 6 Season 2

Not our best.

This week wasn’t that great guys. As a whole group of 44 we only lost 700 grams… This is really low compared to what we have been averaging the last 5 weeks (around 10kgs each week). After chatting to a few of you and seeing the food diaries or Myfitnesspal logs, it seems that quite a lot of you were still eating ok, and majority did lose weight, a few even over 1kg for the week. But it was a 50/50 split of loss and gain. The biggest loss of the week was a 3-way tie with Anthony Woodhill, Robert Niblock and Samuel Koh who all lost 1.2kgs, Awesome work guys!! The biggest loss from a team was the Men in Black who lost 1.1kgs. Again, we only had a handful of guys who had their diaries filled out with exercise completed, please try to do this guys to get extra goals for your team and as a help to you to see what foods you’re eating that may be causing you a disadvantage on the scales.

The scores, taking into account weight loss are below.

                          Big Reds 3 – 7 White Lightning

                      Fat Blondies 8 – 4 Gremlins

                  The Men in Black 5 – 6 Super Bloopers

Awesome work from the Super Bloopers who had some good weight loss results over the week to be able to score extra off-field goals to turn their on-field loss into a win!! And their first win of the season!! The Fat Blondies were able to secure the win over The Gremlins to put one game between them on the ladder, can anyone topple them from the top?

100 Squat challenge

For those of you who aren’t getting in as much on the fitness side of things or a still struggling to find where to start or what to do, to try and get a bit more activity going - if you’re up for it - I want you all to try get in 100 squats a day. Below is a link to show how much of an impact doing only 100 squats a day can make, along with ofcourse…a healthy diet. I know it sounds like a lot but it doesn’t have to be all at once, get it done in a few sets of 10, 15 or even 20. This could be all it takes for you to start seeing a bit more of a difference and become more motivated to get more active and shed some more kilos!

Calorie Calculator.

For those of you that haven’t already got the Myfitnesspal app and want more of an idea of what to aim for daily in terms of calories, below is the link to a calorie calculator.

This can be extremely helpful during the plateaus some of you are currently experiencing and will help you tailor your caloric intake to produce a slight deficit, which will result in fat loss! Aiming slightly under your recommended caloric intake will cause the body to use its fat stores to keep the body running on the level of calories it needs to survive. So make use of this calculator and you will start to pay more attention to the amount of calories in your food, and you may even be surprised at the amount of calories in the foods you regularly eat!

As always have a good week and don’t hesitate to ask me any questions :slight_smile:

Coach Josh