Man v Fat Canning Week 7 Season 2

Big turnaround!

Well done everyone! From our poor effort last week we got back on track and collectively lost 10.9kgs!! Really impressed from that, especially considering it’s such a big turnaround and for the amount of you who lost weight as well! The biggest loss from an individual this week was Ben from White Lightning who lost 1.7kgs. This is no surprise as Ben has been super on-track with his dieting, has joined up at the Cannington gym and has started doing 1-on-1 PT’s with me, awesome effort Ben keep it up mate! Biggest loss from a team was The Gremlins who lost a huge 4.6kgs collectively, great work guys!! Especially from Dhruv who is currently out injured but still coming to the weigh ins with his food diary filled out to get an extra off-field goal for his team and who also lost 1.2kgs from just his diet whilst injured!! Also a massive congrats to Shaun who hit his 5% weight loss this week!!

The weight loss scores taking into account weight penalties are below:

                     White Lightning 7 – 10 Fat Blondies

                            Big Reds 7 – 5 The Men in Black

                           Gremlins 17 – 5 Super Bloopers

Fat Blondies still sitting pretty at the top of the table. Gremlins copped a massive percentage boost after some awesome numbers (Including a 5% from Shaun) both on and off the field! Congratulations as well to the red team who were able to overturn their on-field loss via their weight loss bonuses!!


So the last couple of weeks we have had some guys go down with some calf injuries etc. It is important to do some form of warm up prior to the game guys, especially now we are in the full swing of it and a lot of you are upping your workouts outside of the games, your muscles are going to be tighter. It can be anything from leg swings to a bit of a jog! I have posted below a link to a website which has a bunch of different warm-ups including video demonstrations.

Below is also a link for some cool down methods.

Along with stretching and warm-ups, foam rolling is also a great technique to help with the recovery of muscle and lengthening prior to performance!

As always, any questions at all flick me an email. Have a great week guys and I’ll see you all next Wednesday.

Coach Josh