Man v fat Canning Week 8 Season 2


We beat last week’s total weight loss! Awesome work guys we hit 11.1kgs total this week beating last week’s effort, let’s keep this momentum going as we head towards the final few weeks of the comp. Even with a few plateaus from some of the guys, we still had enough continue their weight loss journey posting some big numbers. The biggest of the week was Brent with 2.2kgs! He puts this down to getting a dog, not sure everyone can do this to achieve the same results, but it works from Brent! Awesome stuff mate! Biggest weight loss from a team was the Super Bloopers with a huge 4.6kgs, well done guys.

Final scores taking into account weight loss penalties and also the food diary bonuses are below:

                        Men in Black 3 – 9 Gremlins

                      Super Bloopers 7 – 5 White Lightning

                        Fat Blondies 9 – 5 Big Reds

We had another team overturn their on-field score with the Super Bloopers smashing their weight loss goals to turn their 1-3 loss to a 7-5 win! Awesome work guys!!


It seems there were quite a few of us who hit a plateau this week even with doing everything right. It’s been 2 months for a lot of you, which means two months of consistency in both diet and exercise, this could be the reason you’re are plateauing, time to change things up! If you’ve been doing the same workouts and eating the same foods, mix up the diet a bit, maybe cut down the calories a bit more if you have lost more weight, using the calorie calculator I sent through in a forum post a few weeks back will help :smile: . Or it could just be one of those weeks where you have done everything right and the body hasn’t responded, this can happen, the important thing is to not let that hard work go to waste and just because those numbers aren’t changing on the scales, doesn’t mean your body isn’t still becoming healthier and stronger. Below is a link to an article which provides some insight and ideas on things to do if you feel you are hitting that plateau and some things you can change up! Feel free to try out the ideas, or, if you know you are going alright and this week was an anomaly, keep doing what you are doing and crushing it!

As always have an awesome week everyone and I will see you all next Wednesday :slight_smile:

Coach Josh