Man v fat Canning Week 9 season 2

Back to low numbers on the scales…. I had a feeling this would be the case this week with the Rugby Final and Melbourne cup. We didn’t go over thankfully, but only managed to scrape in 1.9kgs as a group, which compared to our last 3 weeks isn’t too great. We had some good individual efforts with both Jeremy and Murray losing 1.7ks each, great work guys! Especially Jeremy who has been away working the last 3 weeks so it was a good effort to come back with a loss! From a team perspective it was Super Bloopers with the most weight lost – shedding 2.4kgs as a whole, well done!

Scores taking into account weight loss penalties and food diaries are below:

                      Big Reds 10 – 8 Super Bloopers

                  Fat blondies 10 – 3 The Men in Black

                White Lightning 2 – 4 Gremlins

Yellow are really cementing there place on top of the table with this string of wins, will anybody be able to topple them?? Blue almost did it again, with good off-field results making their on-field score very close! Keep up that weight loss guys!! Very tight game between White Lightning and Gremlins, with the Gremlins weight loss score giving them an extra percentage boost.

Hit this Week hard!

Due to the good weight loss we’ve been having over the last few weeks, this little dip caused by the rugby and Melbourne cup isn’t ideal, but it’s a good time to take advantage of that dip and come back firing next week! Your body should still be in a good state of weight loss due to previous week’s effort, so getting everything right with your diet and exercise this week should see some big numbers come through and see us back hitting the results we want!

Portion Control

I was chatting to one of the guys last night who has lost a decent amount of weight this season, and he was telling me a lot of it has been down to simply using a smaller bowl/plate for his meals. It literally can be as simple as this when it comes to mixing things up with your diet. All you need is little changes like this to mix things up and burn some extra fat, using a smaller bowl/plate makes it easier to control portion sizes and gives not your body the portions it actually needs, not just filling it over the top where majority of that food is just going to be turned straight into fat! Other smaller changes include taking the stairs instead of the lift, taking a longer walk home if you catch the bus to and from work and swapping kicking your feet up with a beer after walk for going for a small walk; anything that will get that metabolism going and calories burning!

Christmas party

Some of you may have received an email about the Christmas get together on the 18th of December. To register for this, all you need to do is email to rsvp for the event. There is also the chance for you guys to make a team and we will play a little tournament on the night between those that do make a team. There is also talks of getting a coaches team going, so Im looking forward to lining up against some of you on the pitch :wink: .

As always, hit me up for any questions and I’ll see you all next week.

Coach Josh