Man V Fat City of Cockburn Week 10

What a cracking night of football played at Area 5 Football and the City of Cockburn’s Man v Fat with all on field games the closest and highest quality I have seen it yet with on field results;

On filed
Custard Cream 2 v Smurfs 1
Red Robbinns 0 v Fat Arse N All 1
Round Orange 2 v Life’s a Pitch 0
Fatzio 0 v Black Puddings 1

*Overall results
Custard Cream 2 v Smurfs 2
Red Robbinns 5 v Fat Arse N All 1
Round Orange 8 v Life’s a Pitch 02
Fatzio 0 v Black Puddings 2

The community down at the venue is great with competitive nature and friendly spirit. Thanks to all who helped out other teams who where short and special mention to Ashley Totten who played all 4 games with 3 in goals like a spider and another outfield for his team!.

There has been a total of 133kg lost so far this season from the group which is a massive achievement and a lot of you are coming out of the once harden shells to be part of this great community at Man v Fat as for us at Area 5 Football we really watching the progress you guys make and the great football being played.

Remember the word choice as at the end of the day it is yours whoever we also know that life someone times gets a hold of you with work and commitments but you and your health and strong mind is the number one priority.

Water is also key as drinking loads of water cleanses your body and tricks it to being full.

You guys are doing well but you are the holder of your weight loss and with only 4 weeks to go lets finish off dropping KGs and get to your original weight loss goal.

Here is a guys Steve who use to be overweight and is now a trainer at a Perth fitness centre and always there is a different view on weight loss options.

See you next week.


Have a great week