Man V Fat Cockburn AU Week 7


Another great week for the MANvFAT Soccer League – our running total of weight lost is 279.85kg! This is a tremendous effort guys so keep doing what your doing!

A few more of you have now joined the 5%-ranks: Ryan McGievern, Joe Psalia, Chris Clarke, Richard Duncan and Alistair Martin and this is excellent work taking the tally of 5%ers to 25. A few of you are also VERY close to achieving your 5% or 10% Nils Oestlund, Richard Birchall, David Robison, Campbell Bailey, Paul Harrickle, Rob Calautti and Kevin Porter are eyeing for the 5%, while David Batt, Scott Irving and Darian Wee are eyeing their 10%. Really go to see many of you staying on track and working towards continued weight-loss goals!

Back to Basics… During conversations this week, some of you mentioned that your weight-loss has slowed down, even though your diet hasn’t changed much over the last few weeks. There might be a few reasons for that, and hitting plateaus on the road to weight loss is common. Keep persevering – don’t be disheartened. Stick to healthy eating, drinking water and exercise, and you’ll find that you’ll start losing weight again before too long.

Also worth considering is that your weight may be plateauing despite you losing fat! It’s very likely that if you’ve increased your exercise regime, you will have gained a bit of muscle weight. Although that might not mean you’ll be hitting your 10% any time soon, you’re doing something incredible for your health. You’ll be moving better and feeling better, and it will show on the pitch.

Another thing to watch out for is that while some of you have started to switch to healthier food alternatives, there are some food items that contain more calories than you might think! E.g. some granola can have about 597 calories per cup, which is about the same or more calories than a roast chicken thigh! Check this link ( for other food items that might be deceiving you, and are sabotaging your efforts!

Share your advice… Thank you to everyone who are keeping the positive minds when thinking about what your eating, drinking, your attitude towards the program and great to see your Wattsapp communities are going strong. Although I’m here to help you out on your weight loss journey, our mindset in this program is that the biggest changes will come from you; you are the experts on your lifestyle, you know what works best for you, and as such, your voices (and your advice) is the most important for the rest of the guys in the program.

Next week we will have the City of Cockburn media department down to interview and record some of the stories to share through the City of Cockburn community pages and show them what a great job you guys are doing.

There has also been some great football shown and relationships on the field being created as it is great to see you all putting in such an effort on and off the pitch!

Keep up the great work and have a great week!

Coach Bryan