MAN V FAT Cockburn Week 8 Powering on


Team Cockburn MVF

It is great to see so many of you with a positive mindset and changing your everyday thinking that has seen continued results for all!

We at Cockburn Man V Fat have now lost a total of 307.65kgs with Kevin Porter reaching his 5% and a couple of you almost at 10% which we shall see in the next weeks when they make it.

If you are feeling demotivated during the week and not feeling it this week take a look at the below video to keep you going.

Water is the key remember and always have a water bottle by your side whether it be at your desk, in your car or on site if you work as this is will clean your system and keep you hydrated during the week. Most of you are doing great and encourage you to continue on with the great work!

Good sleep is required for your weight to stay regulated and alot of you mentioned you are having issues with sleep or work late so please take the time out to watch the below video

It has been a great competition so far however this is a friendly reminder that under no circumstance are we to throw punches, push or slap anyone as we are here to compete and lose weight, not fight !

Looking forward to seeing great losses this week and please fill out your books with foods eaten and drink consumed.

See you next week

Coach Bryan