MAN v FAT Festival


Hey! So, earlier today we put out some announcements about MAN v FAT Football Extra Time which are some exciting new developments for MVFF players. One of these developments is a bit exciting for everyone in the MVF world, whether you’re a player or not…the MAN v FAT Festival.

Coming in late Spring 2019, we are putting together a one day (and one night) fiesta of men’s health which is going to be stunning basically. It will have a football tournament there too but it’s also about getting organisations and companies together who want to help you win your battle of MAN v FAT.

The whole family will be welcome and we’re looking at healthy delicious food, healthy activities, fun stuff you can sign up to, things to buy, everything.

Can’t wait to share more details with you and, as ever, we’d love your feedback!


This. Sounds. Incredible!


And the venue is Dubai :+1:t2:


Party at yours!

And free digs! YES!


Sounds fantastic!!! Excited for all the developments at MVF