MAN v FAT Football Banbury League



It will still go ahead @mphelpse its just been delayed until we get some more sign ups - the amount of signups we have received so far has just been a bit slower than expected. Like @LeeWilko said in his last message we need at least 30 (more ideal for 40+) in order to get the balls rolling! So far we have 20 so please feel free to recommend to any friends, family & colleagues etc that may want to get involved. Just don’t forget to use your referral code.


Hi all,

Just registered. Haven’t really played in years. A couple of games through work but nothing to hard. Looking forward to playing again and meeting some new people along the way.

Do we have any idea when we expect the league to start? Spotted we are still short on numbers?



If anyone is interested in meeting up and having a little kick about for a hour or so, I will be at the football pitches at Hanwell Fields on Dukes Meadow Drive 5pm on Wednesday 10th. If you cnt make it no worries !


I might be up for that @reecekyall… Anyone else?


@reecekyall I’d be up for that might be a few minutes after 5 depending on traffic.

Let me know, cheers


Working in Oxford makes 5pm tight. I’ll look into it. What is the surface at Dukes field?


If anyone cant make it then no worries we can make it a weekly thing till the league starts. I think its all grass as far as i know and i think there are some goals even if its just heads and volleys haha. ill be there at 5 though and we could probably stay for a hour see how people feel ? i probably will only be there till 6.15 latest as i have to get back to my kids.

Ill bring a ball and if anyone else has one bring it alongif you want i have a pump.


Hi All,

Just wondered if anyone had decided to go to the Bicester League?

I had an email asking if I wanted to join there league as it’s starts this Friday.



Hi mate i would go but have no transport ! if anyone is going and has transport ill happily pay to jump in the car with you.


Also if anyone is coming to the kick about today bring a ball pump if you have one please as i have lost mine.


I may struggle tonight now. What about next Wednesday? Can anyone do then?


Hey everyone tonight felt good getting back into my boots, thankyou Mark for turning up and everyone who could not make it no worries i understand its hard with work and travel.

I am going to try and make this a weekly thing, so tomorrow i am going to ring up Banbury Academy and book half the astro pitch for an hour next Wednesday at 6pm.

This will be £25 for the hour so ill pay upfront and anyone who turns up we can split the cost so if ten of us turn up it will only be £2.50 each.

Please send me a text if you are up for coming along next week so we can work out how much it will cost us each.

Look forward to seeing you lot, and doing this weekly will be a great way to get to know each other before the league starts.



No worries mate hope to see you next week !


I can make next week! Nice one @reecekyall, I hope this is well supported.


Hello!!! Am looking to possibly sign up… when do you actually play etc!


Hi Darren we have not got enough people signed up just yet (we have around 20 i think but we need 40) so it might be after Christmas that the league starts.

But… A few of us want to start playing before that so we are meeting up next Wednesday at 6pm at the Banbury Academy Astro Turf. So feel free to pop along then. Do not worry we have not all met yet so it will be nice and awkward for everyone that turns up !

The pitch costs £25 for the hour so we will split the cost between the people that turn up e.g. 10 people turn up it will be £2.50 each.


Ahhh ok… that makes sense!!! Actually works better for me as I am away over the next few weeks! How long you planning to play for on Wednesday? Just thinking of work finish time for getting over there!


Just an hour next Wednesday and we should be hopefully doing it weekly from then on mate.


who can confirm they are coming on wednesday so we know roughly how much we are paying each ?


And Ben how many more do we need to get the league started mate ?