MAN v FAT Football Banbury League



my 9 week old son is unwell, so I am unsure at this stage…


Ah no worries mate hope he gets well soon mate


RIght just been on the phone to hire the pitch and they have told me its booked every wednesday…
So for this week we will stick the the Dukes Meadow Pitches at Hanwell Fields.

So ill be there 5 pm at Dukes Meadow Football pitches at hanwell fields ill see anyone. See you wednesday guys.


is the pitch on the way down the hill before you get to the shops / pub / curry house?


If your coming down the hill you go over the roundabout and its on your left.
Or i could meet you outside the pub if you need to park.


I would walk down mate, I’m just not sure where the pitch is. I’ll go for a look later-on maybe. Thanks buddy!


I think its an old cricket pitch because there is a hut and cricket training grass mate


ok, so it’s grass? Astro-boots will be slippy I guess?


It’s not terrible I only have Astro boots mate and falling on your arse will be part of the fun haha !


how many you got for tonight? I am still unsure, seeing if the boy improves throughout the day…


Just looking like you and mark depending if your son gets better mate we definitely need more people to turn up though so anyone looking for a kick about we will be at the duke meadow football fields at Hanwell fields at 5pm


Oh and me lol


haha… taking my boy to the drs at 4.50 so wont be back in time :frowning:


Ah no worries mate hope he’s better soon ! And we will probably be there till 6 ish if you fancy popping I’ve later but if not mate hopefully see you next weekend mate


Any news on when the league might be starting yet ?


Hey guys not gunna be able to make tonight’s kick about I was up sick all night.


Any update on numbers and potential start date?


Kick about this week? Wed 7th?


Hey mate yeah I will be up for it !

Anyone else up for a kick about ?

And I want to know how many people are signed up so far haha .


I will be at Dukes Meadow football pitch at 4.30 tonight if anyone wants to come along and have a kick about for a hour just come along !