MAN v FAT Football Banbury League





Thank you to members who have messaged me and directed me to this Banbury forum. I’ve just signed up and hoping to play in Banbury if there’s still spaces ? Played a bit if football over the years but now late 40’s and need to get back to some excercise! Thank you in advance for any info about where and when you all play. Mike


Hi guys - has anyone heard any news about the league? Thanks


Anyone having a kick about this week? Sorry I missed last week, I had an interview in Ipswich.


I’m up for a kick about but depends what time because it goes dark early mate. I’m not working at the moment so I’m available at any time so let me know what time would be good for you guys !!


I am off work too… I’m easy mate.


You up for today about 4?


You wanna come for a kick about up Hanwell fields mate ?


Yeah can do… where abouts? Message me if you like… 07877221008