MAN v FAT Football Bexhill League



Hi I am Kevin, I live in Pett 54 used to really enjoy playing football but not played for a few years, looking forward to it and meeting you all.


Good Morning All

Looking forward to the weight in and meeting you guys, One of the reasons I signed up, is to lose weight for my nephews wedding at the end of this year and stay healthier. Done the gym thing, but gets very boring. This looks more fun.

Just found out I am in the WHITE team, see my team mates pitch side…



Hi. Just signed up after seeing a poster. I’ve reached 50 and have Type 1 Diabetes but have put on a lot of weight and become a bit stuck in my ways. I needed something different to get me motivated and thought this looked good. Looking forward to meeting everyone and can’t wait to get started.


Hi can you tell me when we meet for registration is it at the pitch or at college building thanks


Will be inside a building as they need to weigh you and take measurements - not sure where but it won’t be in the pitch


Good Morning Bexhill MAN v FAT Footballers,

Registration is now just a few short days away. The registration/intro session is the beginning of the league and we invite all players to attend in order to be introduced to the league and how it works, meet your coach and mingle with the other players on the league and get your al important starting measurements taken. Football will then begin the following week with week 1 of fixtures.

In the next 24 hours all players registered for the league will be sent an email with details of their new team. This will contain a team number, colour and also a link to your team whatsapp group. Please join your whatsapp group as soon as you get chance as this will b a great place to meet your team mates ahead of Fridays session and also ask any questions you may have.

Good Luck, Ben, MAN v FAT League Admin


Hi Guys,

As I am hard of hearing I missed most of what was said last might…

But I thought the games started next Friday? The 2nd March?

Unless I am reading it wrong the league table shows they start on the 9th???

Did I miss something or am I being thick?



Next Friday Jamie at 8.00pm


Games start next week, it was the registration session last night.


Hi Jamie. Sorry about that mate. You did tell me about your hearing.The games start on Friday 2nd March. There was an error with the fixture generation which I believe has been sorted. I’m looking forward to seeing you all on Friday.


Hi All,

My name is Ian, I am 39 and I live in Icklesham, i’m looking forward to joining you all soon! and starting my weight loss and gaining fitness journey and having a few laughs along the way!



It will be good to meet you. Know what team you are on yet?


Hi Dan,

Nope not yet I need to wait for the next league, but I might pop down on Friday evening.



Hi, Im Howard, just signed up as need to lose some weight after putting on some timber in the last few years. Played football right through my teens into my early twenties, took up running marathons in my late 30’s and eraly 40’s, before settling into eating Marathons in the last 10 years!
Looking forward to meeting up.


Hey, my name’s Ben. I’ve just signed up for the Bexhill league. Need to shed quite a few stone and I used to love playing football back as a teenager for my school team and local football club.

I’m looking forward to meeting everyone!.. I assume I can turn up on the 29/6/18 at the college.


Hi I’m pete looking forward to getting fitter and feeling better I’m new to football so go gentle on me lol


Hello all.

Just signed up as I have gained and gained and gained some since the birth of my little one and relocating down south.

One of my good friends appeared on the one show promoting this so thought I would follow in his football boots and sign up

I notice I’ve signed up late but hoping I can fit into a team

Looking forward to meeting folk!




For all those new members lurking out there - what is stopping you from posting?

Bexhill league in crisis. I told them so had my post removed. That could be why??


Hi Paul,

I will be putting an email out this evening to all Bexhill players. Inviting them to join an AQA session to discuss issues they feel are present and how we can ensure that we have provided answers and actions moving forward to address these.

Thanks, Ben, MAN v FAT.


Thanks Ben. Been trying to highlight issues since before Christmas not even had the courtesy of a reply from Nadim or anyone else.
Be under no illusions as to the depth of bad feelings in Bexhill towards MvF.
What was an extremely successful league has descended into farce. There is an exodus of players and only direct debits and ambivalence from your organisation.
Your Q and A is too little too late but at least you responded