MAN v FAT Football Blackpool League



An email is on its way to you now - welcome aboard!


Cheers Karl, nothing dropped in the inbox yet mind! :grinning:


Should be with you now?


Hi all, just signed up.

Can I get access to the WhatsApp group please?



Just messaged you


Hi… how do I get in the WhatsApp group?


Hi mate, nothing came through. Bit weird?

Checked spam folder etc.





here we go, cant wait


Hi, is the registration anytime between 20.00 and 22.00 or do we have to be there bang on 20.00 ?


It runs from 8pm-10pm in order to cover everything however if you are going to run a little late just ping an email over to the coach - details on here -

He may pick it up in time.


What’s the main whatsapp group


Hi I just signed up today, and been put on the waiting list, how long is the waiting list? Thanks


Hi, There are currently 11 players on the waiting list - this is being looked at currently as registration was only Monday and there are some players who will not be continuing.

Will be in touch ASAP.



Karl, I have had an email saying I have left MvF and I have not. I spoke to Joe on Monday night and apparently there was a problem on my DD so I am not paid for yet. It is a bit weird. I did email Joe but I have not heard anything back


Hi @StevieGsStuds
Can you drop an email to and we can get that sorted out for you.



Done thanks Mike


Hi All, looks like I’ve signed up at the wrong time. Is there an update on the waiting list / Whatsapp group?


Hi Ian,
There are still people in the waiting list in front of you but as soon as spaces free up we will aim to get you into a team. You should hear more from your coach in due course with details for the whatsapp group also.


Hello, I am currently in a Blackpool team, but don’t have access to the main WhatsApp Group Chat, can someone advise how to gain access.