MAN v FAT Football Bradford League



If any of your mates want to sign up then utilise the below offer:


How do I join the what’s app group please


Hi Neil,

The WhatsApp groups will be sorted at registration night on Monday.



What do we need to bring on registration night please


Just yourself is all you need!

An email will be going out tomorrow to all players explaining it in more detail, however the long and short of it is:

  • Presentation about MAN v FAT Football and what you can expect
  • Meet your team mates
  • Select a team captain
  • Sort a team name
  • Take all measurements (height, waist, weight)
  • Meet your coach



Hi mate I didn’t receive a email today neither did my mate


Hi, I’m looking to join but cannot make the registration night on the 14th due to work. Can I still join for the following week or will I have missed the cut off? Any advice would be appreciated


Hey, I was just looking for a league to join for the first time tonight. This is the closest to me. Is it too late to sign up having just found out about the league hours after your registration night?


Yeah, players can join anytime during the season, so if you haven’t already then please register via the website and we can look to get you involved ASAP



Hi there,

More than welcome to join anytime throughout the season, head to the league homepage and get yourself registered, we can then assign you to a team.



Thanks Karl, I did register yesterday online with the £10 deposit. Not sure if I’ve been registered to a team or not.

Would be nice to know if I had then I could get in the WhatsApp group etc if one has been set up to get to know some of the lads.



Thanks Karl, all signed up :grin:


Hey Karl, apologies if I can’t see for looking through your first post way back up at the top, but could you share the following info for a noob like myself?

  • How do we join the WhatsApp group?
  • What is the pitch like? Is it oudoor/indoor/plastic?
  • Is it 5/6/11-aside games?
  • Is there anything I would need to bring along to the first session having not been to the registration night or any other info?

Thanks again


No worries at all, here to help and please see the below responses:

WA Group -when you are assigned into a team, the captain will add you into the group
Pitch - Indoor 3G astro
Team size - 6 a-side

Nothing you will need to bring along with you apart from yourself.

I will be sorting the teams later this afternoon / tomorrow morning so please bear with me and you will receive all the info you need in time for Monday


Brilliant, thanks mate :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Karl,
I registered a while back but missed the registration night due to having a minor op! Is it still ok to come along on Monday?


Hi Karl,
Cant wait to get started. See you Monday night.


I’ve been assigned to the Chubby Chasers :stuck_out_tongue: anyone else?


Hi I’ve just signed up and registered and my mate said he’s a spot on his team was hoping to play with them there black team buying munchies


Hi guys,

I’ve just signed up for the league but I’ve been put on a waiting list.

Do we have any idea how long the list is?