MAN v FAT Football Bradford League



Hi Peter,

You should have received an email from your coach Paul to confirm you are now in a team?

Good luck with the season!



Nothing yet.

Here’s hoping. Been a while since I kicked a ball!


I have just emailed you with the required info.

You will be kicking a ball on Monday so good luck!



Hi my friend has told me I’ve been put in his team so I know I’m.playing but never had any confirmation emails?


Apologies about the admin oversight.

I will drop you an email to resolve



cheers Karl. Got the info


I’ve just received an email saying I didn’t attend yesterday when I did. I’m sure it’s an oversight so I’m just letting MvF know.


I have informed your coach Paul to have a look into it.



It seems a few of my team got it.


Hi all. Just signed up - genuinely looking forward to it, although a bit nervous that i’ll be too unfit to play much at first.

See you all at the next session!


Hi, found out about this league tonight and registered. Timing not great as I’ll miss a couple of weeks too as on hols from July 18. Been wanting to get back into footy for some time - 6 yrs to be exact miss it like crazy. Hope I can still hack it :crazy_face::crossed_fingers:


Hi fellas, just signed up last night, can’t wait to get started. I became a dad 2 years ago and since then i’ve let myself go a bit. Grabbing a quick and not so healthy snack or meal in the interest of convenience has taken it’s toll!!

Really looking forward to playing football again after years out of the game, it’d be great to meet people too


Not sure if anybody will see this, a few of us who already play the regular Monday night games are having a friendly kick about tomorrow night at 8pm, if anyone is up for a match to gain abit of fitness feel free to come down and join whether you have signed up yet or not.


Hi all, i’ve literally just signed up and noticed that i’ve only just missed the start of the league. Really keen to get started so please let me know if there are any spaces. Cheers.


Hi all!

Just signed up to kick start the new years fitness goals. Probably been over a year since I’ve kicked a ball, but hopefully can get back into the swing of things. Looking forward to getting started.


Might be better signing up to leeds, bradford has been canned


Aye, Karl moved me over to it the other week. Couldn’t make tonight, but looking forward to the matches next week. Cheers


Looking forward to it, good luck for the season


An unofficail mvff leeds and bradford group if people want to join. I post game videos etc in here :slight_smile: