MAN v FAT Football Cambridge League



Hi Ben, when I registered and setup direct debit I pick options of with no handbook but after thinking about it, I would like one, can I still purchase handbook? If so were from?


Ive never played in a football league system before (i’ve played rugby the last 25 years) if the teams are made up of 6 players, what happens if one gets injured? Being large men I imagine pulled calf’s/hamstrings etc may happen quite a bit on astro?


If you email we can tell you the best course of action.


Each team is made up of 10 players to cover for injuries, work commitments or other circumstances which may cause players to miss a week.


How can I make our league successful?

The beauty of MAN v FAT and especially the Football element is that as we are all in the same boat we can push each other to achieve so much more than when we do it alone. Success breeds success, we motivate and inspire people just by doing our best.

In order for your league to work well we need good numbers to build the support structures we try and create and the atmosphere that has worked so well at all of our current leagues. You can help massively here as a large number of sign ups come from player referrals and word of mouth so to speak. There is also added accountability in attending a league with people you know and for those of you that are competitive it also gives you the opportunity to earn the bragging rights and target the top weight loss accolades.

Below I have included a flyer for your league and I ask that you simply share it via any means at your disposal - Facebook, Twitter and Football Fan Forums are great examples. You can also set up your own referral code that gets you £5 credit in the club shop and your friend 50% off their registration fee. Visit here to set up your code and get sharing it to as many people as possible.

There will also be a MAN v FAT Football on offer for the top referrer in January, so go go go!!


Thank you, all sorted now


Hi I’m Stuart, 45, overweight and from near Sawston. Looking forward to starting this journey with you all on Monday. Looking forward to playing football again as I haven’t played in a while!

Ben - one question please. Looking at the registration location details you gave for Monday, I presume this is at the Cambridge United football ground complex? Is there parking available?


I will find out for you and let you know.


So the big Question is now we are less than a week away who is getting excited?

As if your not already like a kid at Christmas the good news is that in the next 48 hours we will be creating team whatsapp groups and allocating everyone a team and every team a colour. We will also be adding your coach into these whatsapp groups so that you can ask us any further questions you have.

Once you are in your team chats you can start getting to know each other, talk about shirts (check out and what your aims are for the season.


Hi all

I am Neil aged 51 and overweight. Played village football until I was 37 and took up the whistle for a few years until diagnosed with Parkinson’s at 45. Looking forward to getting active again…not sure how Tuesday mornings will feel?

Cheers Jordie


Evening All,
Can’t wait to get started next week. As well as an opportunity to shed some weight (and do I need to) it will good to have something social to add the busy calendar. Whoever you end up playing… good luck, lets have some fun, and shift a ton of weight. Cheers. Paul


Hi Stuart,
I’m assuming (as a Cambridge fan) that the registration will take in the Dublin suite, which is underneath the main stand. There is parking at that part of the ground but knowing how to get to it isn’t easy.
If you text me on 07595710129 i’ll get you get there (to the Dublin suite). I’m a season ticket holder so know the ground well.


Hi All,
Guess I’ll be one of the older ones at 53 but I need to lose weight and it was this or walking football! Played in 5 & 6 aside leagues until in my 40s, then took my coaching badges and helped establish what is now one of the largest youth football clubs in South Cambs. Can’t wait to get started and being able to run more than 50m again! Good luck to everyone. Gordon


Hi all,

I’m Gaz 43 and definitely built for comfort rather than speed! :joy:

Like suckles above I’m also a Cambridge season ticket holder so know the ground well.

Looking forward to getting back into football but not aching Tuesdays!



Hi, I’m Alex, can’t wait to get started! I’m afraid I’m stuck away until the 10th, but will be there on the 15th. Is it possible to register then?


What is the pitch surface the games are played on? Will it take studs or do you need Astro boots?


Looking forward to starting football again at 58 already lost some weight looking to shed another 21lbs see you all on the 8th Bob


Hi guys
I’m phil, I’m getting married in 6 months so I got a lot of work to do! Look forward to meeting you all! :muscle:t6:


Hey bud, I asked the same question by email and was told Astro.


Thanks for that, I’m guessing all will be made clear on Monday. But I’ve only got studs, so need to buy a pair of astros for the 15th.
Thanks again