MAN v FAT Football Cambridge League



Hi, I’m 31 and haven’t played football for years and am looking forward to getting back into a bit of a better shape!

For someone that’s only driven past the ground, how easy will it be to find the room for registration? :slight_smile: Thanks and looking forward to meeting everyone!



Depending on which way you pass the ground (I’m assuming on Newmarket Road), if you pass the ground on your left; there is an alleyway/snicket before the Thrifty van hire place (I think it’s Thrifty anyway) and CUFC club shop/supports club end (you’ll see a few steps and then the alleway itself).

If you go down there you’ll come to the main stand entrance to the ground. I’m assuming on the day the gate that players and sponsors usually drive their cars through will be open with a person on the gate letting people in. That’s what sometimes happens for events that the main stand, and the Dion Dublin suite beneath is only being used etc

You’ll be able to see the entrance to the Dion Dublin suite from the gate but I’m sure whoever is stood at the gate will point you in the right direction anyway. Or just follow the fat blokes at this point! :joy:



You’re a star! :slight_smile: Thank you!!


Yes. Just make sure you turn up half an hour earlier so we can run through everything with you then.


Afternoon All. Just signed up really looking forward to playing again see you on Monday


Good Afternoon all,

You should all now have received a link to your team whatsapp chat via email. Please join this chat as soon as possible so you can ask any questions and meet your team mates. I will continue to add players to the teams over the next week as they sign up to ensure all teams have enough players. As they join your chats be sure to welcome them and share any info on decisions you have made or info that has been provided.

Cheers, Ben, MAN v FAT


Hello everybody,
My name is Daniel (Dan) and I’m 37.
Have been umming and Arrring about joining this for a couple of months now and have finally bitten the bullet, so to speak.
Really looking forward to getting started!
I am also a CUFC season ticket holder and can be found whinging in the Habbin during home games and some away games…although I’m not going away as much as I used to!
I might be a little late on Monday as I will be coming straight from work (Maldon), but I will try to plan my diary better for Monday’s in future.
I look forward to meeting you all on Monday,


Hello All

I’m Mark 33 and over 17 stone. Really looking forward to getting involved. I’ve played as a keeper in the past in a 6 a side team but really wanting to see what I can do outfield. I regiustered myself as a striker but will literally play anywhere, a proper utility man…

will tomorrow just be about registration or will there be a kick about as well? I’m most likely coming straight from work so do i need to pack my astros?


Morning Chaps,

Football won’t start until next weeks session. Registration is about getting you introduced to your coaches and how things work, taking your starting measurements and confirming numbers ahead of next weeks KO. I always advise players to try and dress in similar clothing every week so you can track your progress as accurately as possible. It also makes it easier to compare before and after pictures.

Cheers, Ben, MAN v FAT.


Hi all,

Address for later is

Hospitality suites,
The Abbey Stadium,
Newmarket Road,

Cheers, Ben.


Hi Guys. Team black3 here. We are tryIng to arrange a kickabout somewhere . So far 4 of our team are in, we would like another 6-8 players ( all from one team to practice) or random. So we can have a 5 a side or 6 aside every weds or Friday at 7pm.

Think they mentioned at the Reg that there will be a captains whatts app group maybe for announcements?
If so I would like to post in there, if not what are all other teams thoughts.


Hi, I am from Team 3 ( Habbin a Seizure)
Someone of are team are keen to play,
If you want to send me what app message, we can arrange something, my number is ‭07568 139412‬ Richard


Hi Ben

Any idea when fixtures released?

Thanks in advance


When the teams are assigned - should get them at registration.


Hello chaps! Team 5 Yellow here (KFC Wimbledon) there are a few of us up for it too. Add me 07792386848 and il pass on the arrangements to the lads!


Hi mate they have been released.



Hey! I’d be interested in having a game, I’m free Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings if that matches up with anything else that’s being arranged… Thanks



At least two from team 6 (Inter Kebab) interested too… fridays probably better… please add me to any whatsapp group 07772027780

Also… Does anyone know if we are weighing in in the same place as registration night - if so is there a cut through to the footy pitches from the stadium??




Hi tim. Drop me your number il be arranging next weeks game hopefully :+1:t4:


Saved your number will text you once have some plans in the pipeline