MAN v FAT Football Cambridge League



Also does anyone have a membership at frank Lee leisure centre?? Need one to book a pitch


Hey, it’s 07789722097! Thanks! Looking forward to getting started tomorrow! :slight_smile:


Anyone know when the tv interview will be on or if there will be link to it?


As you read your player hand book a few of the lads bottom left of some of the pages with their before and after picture have been on slimming world if u be interested in this I go to a group on Wednesdays based in trumpington run by a bloke called mark his number is 07967 340193 starts at 7.30pm


If anyone is interested, this was the ITV Anglia piece done the first Monday of the season.


Hello I have just signed up to the cambridge league and I am just wanting to know what to expect on the first day. Also what surface do you play on as I will need to look into getting the right boots. Thanks and can’t wait to start.


Welcome to the group Bear85. Good group of people in this league so I’m sure you’ll enjoy it and get any support that you require.

First day, you’ll be weighed and have measurements taken and probably have a quick chat with the coach who will tell you about what to expect etc. You’ll be given a MvF handbook to record your weight loss, food diary and football scores in. It’s this handbook that you bring to the session every week. You’ll also be put into one of the 6 teams. Unless you particularly request a certain team (friends there or something) you’ll probably be put in one that is lacking in players compared to another I’d have thought.

Oh and btw we play on astro turf so astro trainers would suffice.

Looking forward to meeting you and either playing against ya or with ya (depending on what team you’re on).



Thanks for that info Gaz I am looking forward to starting.



The Great Whites team above


Signed up today, coming tomorrow

Reckon I’ll get a game?


Please make sure you’ve received your email telling you to turn up and which team you’ve been assigned to before coming down.


Hi lads, Colchester league here. Did the Cambridge league fancy a challenge game in June/July? Please message me 07790 561275 if so. Cheers


Hi everyone, I’m Craig 31 from Mildenhall, Suffolk, although I work in Cambridge. I’m so glad I found MAN V FAT it’s the perfect opportunity for me to get playing again and of course, losing weight, while hopefully making new friends in the process too :grinning:

A silly question, I’m sure, however, I’ve just paid, and signed up, but just wanted to know what happens next? For example, when do I actually turn up and do the registration bits and pieces?

Super excited to get going!

Many thanks.


Afternoon gents,

Just signed up and coming to the registration evening on Monday. Is there anything I need to bring or do in advance? Assume turn up at 7pm at the Dublin Suite, can we park on site?

Also, clicked on the link to join the WhatsApp group but it brought me here. How do i get in on that?

Looking forward to getting started



Hi Ben,

Will you be sending out an emal soon with pre season registration details soon…??