Man v Fat Football Canning Season 3 Week 3

Still in the positive but only just.

3rd week in and the numbers were down a lot from last week. Only 3kgs total were lost this week, compared to almost 30kgs last week this is a very big drop. If we do take out those who gained weight then that total comes to 11.7kgs, which is a decent number! Well done to those who are dropping that weight and well done to those who hit their hatricks this week! We had three players who have lost weight 3 weeks in a row earning them a hatrick and an extra goal for their team, so congrats to Brent, Damon and Darian! Biggest loss from a player this week was Thomas with 2.4kgs, great work Thomas! The team who lost the most weight was Thomas’ team Yellow Snow with 2.7kgs lost, also the only team who did not put on weight on the scales, well done guys!

Scores taking into account weight loss are below:

                            Red Bulls 6 - -2 Blue Army

                          S’not Green 4 – 4 Yellow Snow

                           All Blacks 6 – 2 Super Swimmers

Blue Army recorded their 2nd negative score for the season due to weight loss, which will make it harder to bounce back later in the system if it comes down to percentage! Yellow snow managed to scrape a draw out due to their weight loss scores, great work guys!


Still very few books coming through guys. To increase this I am going to adopt the same approach that weight loss has on the scores, so those who are bringing their books filled out to the weigh-ins for me to have a look at will get an extra goal towards their team. The way this will be scored will be the same as weight loss. This is represented below:

  • 1-2 players = 1 goal
  • 2-3 players = 2 goals
  • 3-4 players = 3 goals
  • 5+ players = 4 goals

Just to note, to get the extra goals the books must be filled out, just showing me the book itself will not earn you an extra goal.

As I said in the first forum post I will also accept the use of Myfitness Pal to be able to view your food diaries as I know this is easier for some of you and will still give me a detailed view of what you have eaten throughout the week :slight_smile: .

Breakfast like a King, Lunch like a prince, Dinner like a pauper.

Above is a super easy way to ensure your portions sizes are right for you throughout your day. Our food is energy, so there is no point eating the majority of our calories at night time when all we are going to be doing is turning those calories into fat, because we aren’t utilising them. Hence why our biggest meals and majority of our calories should be eaten during breakfast and lunch, when we are most active and are actually going to be burning those calories. Our last meal of the day should be our lightest and lower in carbs than our breakfast and lunch.

Any questions please to hesitate to get in touch!

Coach Josh