Man v fat football Canning Season 3 Week 4

Every Team in the Green!

We have managed to bounce back really well from last weeks 3kg effort, losing a total of 14.2kgs! Which is our second highest total for the year and now takes us over the 50kg mark for the season hitting 54.5kgs! It was really good to see this result and also seeing a few more books being filled in this week than last week. The biggest weight loss from an individual this week came from Carlo Rothschuh who lost 2kgs this week, well done mate! Biggest loss from a team came from the Super Swimmers, who lost 4.1kgs as a team and who also managed to turn a 5 – 0 loss on the field into a 7 – 8 win due to their weight loss scores, amazing effort guys!

End results taking into account weight loss is below:

                           Yellow Snow 3 – 7 All Blacks
                             Blue Army 7 – 8 Super Swimmers
                             Red Bulls 4 – 6 S’not Green

Well done again to the Super Swimmers on their big turnaround, it’s no surprise that they were able to do this as they had everyone in their team lose weight, as well as 4 people bring their books completed for me to earn extra goals. This is a massive difference and the reason they were able to turn a 5 goal loss into a 1 goal win.

Takeaway Cheat meals
One of the words I keep hearing get brought up is takeaway. I know it is so easily available due to the influx of apps/ordering services and all it takes nowadays is to take your phone out of your pocket whilst sitting on the couch and within 20 minutes there’ll be a knock on the door with tat takeaway ready to be eaten. Because of that, it isn’t as easy as not buying sneaky little treats from the shops and being able to say “if it’s not in the cupboard, you can’t eat it”. The question we need to ask is how can we either limit this or prevent this from being a common occurrence. One way is to completely eradicate the issue which would be to delete the app and not pass through drive thrus, which if you can do that, go for it! Meal prepping is the obvious solution which I spoke about in my first forum post and if you need help with that, the post is still available to look at or you can speak to me on a Wednesday night and we can talk about it. The third and I think is the most viable is to use cheat meals as a way to reward yourself for a week of being good, it holds you accountable for your week in terms of your diet and then if you have been eating clean and doing the right things, you have 1 meal a week which is your reward (cheat meal). This is a common occurrence and there is a science behind the cheat meal, it can be found in this article here

Have a good weekend and I will see you all next Wednesday :smiley:

Coach Josh