Man v Fat Football Canning Week 11

Last week we were so close and back on track with 16kg lost and only 6kgs away from breaking the 200kg milestone. We are now 11kgs away…this week as a group we gained 5.5kgs overall, first and – hopefully – only gain of the season. Bit of a disappointing week but after speaking to a lot of you after seeing the weight gains on the scales, there weren’t many, if any, splurges throughout the week and the consistency seems to be there still in terms of diet, exercise still needs a bit of an improvement. The weight gain in many seems to be caused by a plateau that are few are currently experiencing, time for a shake up!

Biggest loss from an individual this week was Matthew Pincott from For Fat Sake with 2kgs, awesome work mate. Biggest loss coming from a team was also from For Fat Sake who as a total lost 1.1kgs, with some gains taking away from Matthew’s weight loss.

Scores taking into account weight loss are below:

                         Jolly Green Giants 5 – 0 Men in Black

                                       Blue 4 – 1 Red Rockets

                               For Fat Sake 1 – 5 Spongebob Yellow Pants

Not too many changes from the scores that were played on the night due to the numbers on the scales, with almost every team gaining only 1 extra point each.

What to do when you Plateau

There are a number of different reasons why you could be hitting that “weight loss wall” including:

  • Body has adjusted to your workouts, time to mix them up.
  • You are eating the same amount of food even though you have lost the weight so your body doesn’t need those extra calories anymore and you are putting yourself into a surplus (consuming more calories than you need) which will then turn into fat.
  • You are not eating enough for your increased physical activity, causing your body to hold on and store the food you are eating as fat.

The list could go on….

Identifying what could be causing the plateau now is the key thing to get over this minor speed bump we have encountered and I’m all ears, come and see me if you are having trouble identifying what’s happened to the weight loss and if you need any extra tips to help get over whatever the cause may be. Alternatively if you do know what it is and want help there too, come and see me or contact me via email or whats app.

I really want to smash these last few weeks and put you all in good stead for the next season.

Coach Josh