Man v Fat Football Canning Week 14


Awesome final week guys! We hit over 200kgs total lost for the season with a strong final week finishing on 207.6kgs!! Amazing effort to hit that goal guys, so proud of you all, well done. We lost a total of 10.2kgs collectively to hit this target, incredible finish to the season :slight_smile: . Losing a massive 2.6kgs this week taking out the most weight lost this week was Mido, great work mate! The most weight lost by a team was 3.9kgs being taken out by The Men in Black, massive effort! Well done!

The full scores taking into account weight loss results are below:

                 Jolly Green Giants 7 – 6 Sponge Bob Yellow Pants

                   The Men in Black 5 – 7 Blue Balls

                        Red Rockets 3 – 6 For Fat Sake

Two turn arounds from the on-pitch scores to the final scores with Sponge bob Yellow pants and Red Rockets winning the game on the field but ultimately being defeated because of the weight loss scores off it. Great work to those two teams who had big numbers on the scales to turn their losses around.

I have manually calculated the ladder scores including the final 4 matches which were not showing up on the ladder. I would like to congratulate the Jolly Green Giants on their victory as the winners of the first ever Man v Fat league in Cannington! It was very close throughout the season with both Sponge Bob Yellow Pants and Blue Balls hot on their tails, but ultimately they scored well both on and off the pitch to secure this monumental achievement.

What Happens now?
You will all get an email over the next couple of days regarding the info night for the new season. If, once you get this email you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to flick me an email. Also if you would like to be removed from the league if you are not wanting or cannot continue next season, please also let me know so I can remove you to avoid any unwanted charges.

I would just like to say how amazing it has been coaching you all this season, I was nervous as to how I would go as it was my first time but you have all been amazing and made it a breeze. Thank you all for allowing me to help you out and making my first season at MVF a memorable one. Looking forward to seeing you all again in the next season and to those that will not be continuing I wish you all the best with everything and remember, the door is always open to come back and have a kick and some banter whilst hitting some weight loss goals if you wish!!

Coach Josh