Man V Fat Football Canning Week 2

Man vs Fat Soccer Week 1

Week 1 and 2 are done! Just want to say thank you so much for all who attended the first night at the Cannington Leisureplex, was awesome to see so many come down and get into the action, even those who still came down whilst sporting an injury to meet their team mates and jump on the scales for their weigh in, well done!!

Apologies for not being able to post anything last week, there were some troubles with the system in the backend as some of you know…however it is all fixed now!

Below are this weeks adjusted scores (taking into consideration weight penalties)

Spongebob fat pants 9 – 2 Red rockets

Jolly green giants 7 – 5 Blue balls

Men in Black 2 - 4 For Fat Sake

It was an awesome first start to week 1 as well guys after I entered all of your data (and then corrected everyone’s info night weigh in discrepancies) the total lost came to 66.2kgs as a group IN THE FIRST WEEK!!! absolutely massive effort considering that we hadn’t actually had a game yet, just goes to show how many of you switched into gear after the info night and may have begun making small changes already.

Week 2 was a bit of a drop however, with 18.2kgs lost as a collective. After chatting to a few of you, it seems the champions league final (Well done to all the Liverpool supporters) and long weekend had a bit of an impact on this, which is OK, life happens and I’m not going to punish anyone for celebrating, it just means that this week there should be no excuses and we should see a massive drop again!

Well done to the Black team this week for losing the most weight as a team, 6.5kgs, awesome work!!


I thought I would type a little bit about myself here as I feel I haven’t been able to properly meet and introduce myself to a majority of you yet. I have spent the last 7 years studying at University (Sports Science and High School Education) and am glad to see the last text book as of last year. I currently work two jobs, one at a studio in Victoria Park doing training and rehab using EMS machines (electro muscle stimulation) and the other with the city of canning as a gym instructor. I have always had a massive passion for sports; I have played everything under the sun but went furthest with football (AFL). Teams supported are West Coast, Lakers and Manchester City (sorry if this may cause some tension between certain other supporters…). I jumped on this program because one of my passions in life is being able to help people in whatever way I can with the skill set I have accrued during my studies, I was approached to run the man v fat program and jumped at the opportunity when I researched the program itself and what it had achieved so far, and now here I am. Very much looking forward to working with you all over the next 3 months and lending my knowledge to help you all achieve your goals!!

Food Diaries

The main theme I saw from the few I did look at though was carb timing and breakfast. Firstly, carb timing is one which is very easy to manage; the best way to look at this is with this simple motto “Breakfast like a king, Lunch like a queen and dinner like a pauper”. We should aim to be eating our biggest most carb heavy meals early in the day when we are going to actually be using and burning that energy, that way when we sleep our body can naturally tap into our fat stores to keep everything going, rather than trying to break down and then store the carbs we have just ingested. Secondly, breakfast, such a cliché saying but breakfast really is the most important meal of the day, it kick starts your body’s metabolism and starts that fat burning process straight away. Skipping breakfast puts your body into what is called “survival mode” which means the body panics, doesn’t know where the next meal is coming from and begins storing any food you do eat from then on in, sometimes eating less isn’t better.

Please try to fill in your food diaries, there were a few that did not have them filled in or forgot them, it helps me give you as much feedback as possible in relation to all of your weight loss goals. If you do forget, I am happy to have a look still if you would like to send them to me via email.

Warm up/Recovery

I noticed there were a couple of guys with cramps etc. in the first 2 weeks games, maybe try implementing some warm ups before the games? I did see a few guys having a kick to kick but that probably isn’t enough to prepare the body before a game of soccer, particularly after chatting to some of you and hearing you haven’t played in years! Nothing too strenuous, just simple run-through’s like high knees, butt flicks, grapevine etc. up and down the length of the court, along with some leg swings and stretches and you’ll be surprised how much more flexible, warmed up and less prone to cramping and fatigue throughout the game you are. Ensure to stretch correctly after the game too, any teams who want some stretches to do come and see me, otherwise holding specific stretches for each muscle group for about 20-30s post game will help with recovery in the days following and leave you less tight :).


Chatting to the umpire (John) after the 3 games on Wednesday night, I heard there was a couple of discrepancies with the rules, so I’ll go over them as to avoid any questions in the future. The first I got from him was the goalie kick, a goalie can kick the ball but only if it has been passed to him, not if it has gone out of play, the goalie must roll or throw the ball. Amount of players on the field are 5 on the field and 1 goalie, so 6 in total. Players CANNOT score from inside the D unless it is a direct pass from a corner, this is for the goalies safety as getting hit with one of those firmer indoor balls at that close of a range wouldn’t be too pretty, especially after seeing the speed of some of the strikes the other night!.

I was also asked about gear such as knee pads and goalie gloves and if we provided them, we unfortunately do not, but I would recommend if you can, getting some softer knee pads, especially for those hard floors.


I have now set up the captain’s whats app groups with the captains nominated by each team on Wednesday, so any queries you and your teams mates have can be directed to them who can then come to me and I will always aim to have an answer within 24 hours :slight_smile:


Give us a follow on twitter @manvfatsoccerau, a like on facebook, and spread the word! Have a great weekend guys, don’t forget your handbook entries, and please send us your thoughts, questions, and feedback anytime.

Looking foward to seeing you all again next Wednesday!

Coach Josh