Man V Fat Football Canning Week 5


7.7kg was the number that was lost in total this week…down quite a bit from last week’s 22.4kgs, after chatting to most you it seemed a few had rough/busy weeks which led to take-away dinners. Let’s try to improve on this next week guys as our last 3 weeks were awesome with an average of 21.3kgs total being lost each week! We did have another member hit the 5% total loss! Scott rose, awesome work mate! Especially considering Scott was also tied for most weight lost this week along with Gerard Hampton, with both of them losing 2.1kgs, well done guys!!

Most weight loss this week from a team came from the Yellow team (Spongebob Fat Pants) with a collective loss of 4.3kgs, great work!

The scores, taking into account the weight loss penalties/extra goals are below:
Red Rockets 3 – 13 Jolly Green Giants
Blue Balls 4 – 5 For Fat Sake
Spongebob Fat Pants 7 – 3 The Men in Black
After your feedback we’ve decided to keep everything as it is, everyone seems happy with the current rules and no additions are wanted so why ruin a good thing!

Food Diaries
Food Diaries are looking really consistent guys, keep up the good work! I did notice though that the exercise columns were looking a little slim, try do something to get that heart rate up and getting the metabolism burning, even if it’s something as simple as going for a walk.

As always, any questions hit up your captains and we can chat about it in the chat, otherwise, have a good week and I will see you all next Wednesday!

Coach Josh