Man V Fat Football Canning Week 6


Awesome week guys!! We almost hit 20kgs lost as a group (19.6kgs) which now takes our grand total to a massive 152.1kgs!! Such a good effort for so many of you to bounce back from last week’s effort, well done. We also had 4 people hit their 5% total weight loss this week! Congratulations to Anthony Woodhill, Adrian Mills, Samay Sudarsanan and Kevin Ferguson, this takes our total players who have hit their 5% to 7!! Fantastic work to all of those who have hit that massive milestone and there are so many of you that are getting closer to it!

The biggest weight loss from an individual this week was Anthony Woodhill, with a massive 2kg loss. From a team perspective, the most weight was lost by Spongebob Fat Pants with a 6.7kg loss!

The scores, taking into account the weight loss penalties/extra goals are below:

                   Jolly Green Giants 14 – 4 The Men in Black
                  Spongebob Fat Pants 16 – 6 For Fat Sake
                           Blue Balls 12 – 4 Red Rockets

Food Diaries.
I didn’t see as many of these this week or the week prior, please try remember them guys as it really helps me give feedback and see where we can improve those numbers on the scales, the ones who are consistently filling out the diaries are those that are seeing good results.

I am seeing some awesome plays starting to develop guys, the games are getting quite good to watch as you are all getting a little fitter and the skills are getting cleaner.

As always, any questions hit up your captains and we can chat about it in the chat, otherwise, have a good week and I will see you all next Wednesday!
Coach Josh