Man v Fat Football Canning Week 7

Great week guys! Hitting 10.2kgs lost overall, slightly under what we did last week caused by a few minor gains, but there have been some hectic weeks at work it seems like after chatting to a few of you. This loss takes our total to a massive 162.6kgs, slowly but surely closing in on 200kgs. The biggest loss this week came from Charles Malet with 3.1kgs! Awesome work mate! The team who collectively lost the most was the White team who lost 4kgs as a group and we also had 2 more people hit their 5%, congratulations to Matthew Pincott and Colin Hussey, amazing achievement guys you should both be proud!

The scores, taking into account the weight loss penalties/extra goals are below:

                             Red Rockets 8 – 3 Spongebob Fat Pants

                              Blue Balls 8 – 2 Jolly Green Giants

                           For Fat Sake 13 – 6 Men In Black

Top Tips.

People say it takes 30 days to form a habit. For the last few weeks of this season I want self-accountability to be a massive factor, most of you have lost quite a decent amount of weight so far with 11 5% targets hit and quite a few of you not too far off, but now it’s gets hard, what you’ve been doing the last couple of months may be starting to wear off and your body may be plateauing. To hit back at this try mixing things up, trying new healthy foods or different workout options to always keep the body guessing so it doesn’t get too comfortable.

Accountability comes in by making sure we are really sticking to these good habits we’ve been forming and not slipping away and losing the hard work that’s been going in, I’ve noticed a few regressions with the food diaries and considering diet is 80% of maintaining a healthy weight, this is extremely detrimental to your progress.

There are a couple of free apps (listed below) which will give both a caloric target after you’ve entered your details and also help you log your meals throughout the day and keep track of those calories. These should help you understand a little bit better exactly what you are putting in your body and see where improvements can be made.

Try these apps out: /

• Some weeks you’ll do everything right but the scales won’t reward you. Some days you’ll eat or drink the wrong thing. That’s not a reason to completely let go and give up on your goals. It’s just a bump in the road. And the cause of that may be because you are building muscle due to the extra weight training you are doing!

• You might think “it’s not important” or “it’s too hard”. Stop. Remind yourself why you joined MAN v FAT.

• You’ll see a teammate a bit flat because he had a tough day or week on the scales. Pick him up, support him, show confidence in him. Listen, care, give advice. Be a mate.

As always, any questions hit up your captains and we can chat about it in the chat, otherwise, have a good week and I will see you all next Wednesday!

Coach Josh

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