Man v Fat Football Canning Week 9

Bit of a low week in terms of weight loss numbers, sounds like the week in which Man United were her did a bit of damage! So I am expecting big results in the coming weeks getting back on track seeing as though as a whole group we only lost 5kgs collectively, whereas last week with only 16 people we lost 9.1kgs.

The most weight lost this week by an individual was Morgan McLaren who lost 2.2kgs!!! Almost as much as the team who lost the most kgs which was the blue team who as a group lost 2.5kgs. Morgan also hit his 10% weight lost mark and has now lost a total of 15.9kgs!!! Along with Morgan was Nicholas who also hit his 10% weight lost mark and took his total weight lost this week to 12.2kgs! Amazing effort guys you should both feel so proud of yourselves and feel free to share and converse with all the other guys any tips you have that has gotten you this far, we are all here for the same reason and should be striving to help each other out with our weight loss goals.

The scores for this week are below, taking into account weight loss scores:

                            Blue Balls 12 – 3 Men in Black

                   Sponge Bob Fat Pants 4 – 8 Jolly Green Giants

                           Red Rockets 10 – 6 For Fat Sake

Jolly Green Giants this week moved another game clear of Sponge bob Fat Pants as they looked to cement their name at the top. As always skills and fitness levels improving on the pitch is making for some awesome plays from what I see when I can watch!

Just a reminder though, remember this is a social game and we are here for the weight loss component, with the games acting as a bit of fun and a good time. I understand that when that competitive streak kicks in, things can change on the field and become a bit physical, but try to not let that “white line fever” overcome basic reasoning. It’s a friendly comp and if things are getting too physical it can take the enjoyment component out of it for some players and that’s not what we want.

How many weeks left?

I have had this question from a few players now as some are confused and think it’s only 10 weeks which would make next week our last, this is not the case as this season is still 14 weeks! So we still have 4 more weeks left!


After going through the food diaries it seems that most of you are getting quite consistent with food, although takeaway is still a component (try to steer clear of unhealthy takeaway! There is always other options!). Exercise is one that seems to be an issue still. Try start getting out and doing something! Even if it’s as simple as a walk, taking the stairs instead of an elevator anything to get muscles working, blood flowing and calories burning. I had the green team organise a soccer session on the courts Thursday night for them to come down and have a run around which is awesome! I’ve had a couple of people take advantage of the “free 30days” in the gym if they sign up a friend and get more exercise in that way too. If anyone needs any exercise tips or wants to chat come and see me on Wednesday night or email me and I will do my best to help you out J

As always, any questions hit up your captains or myself directly and we can have a chat, otherwise, have a good week and I will see you all next Wednesday!

Coach Josh