MAN v FAT Football Chelmsford League



Hi Graemeg, I will message the ManVFat coordinator, and say you want to join our team. I will try to make sure everything gets cleared in time for you to play this Thursday, we will meet at Sandon school 8pm for an 8:30pm k/o. MvF should be in touch shortly, but if not then message me by replying to this and I will chase it up. Look forward to meeting you Thursday. Cheers Ian.


Thanks Ian, will what happens. What surface do you guys play on? In terms of boots is it astro turf? Also top wise is it just a black top?


Right, it’s 3G Astroturf, so no metal studs. Most people have astro boots, but if you don’t then I think footy boots with plastic studs may be OK. I will check, if necessary. Yes, just a black(ish) top; but you MUST wear shinguards, and they must be covered by footy socks. Shorts & socks are ideally black too, but it doesn’t really matter so long as you have a black top.
I have messaged Terry (the MvF coordinator) but he doesn’t work the late hours I do! Hopefully we will hear something tomorrow. In the meantime, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me. But don’t worry, we are a friendly bunch, we’ll sort it out. What is your preferred position (i.e. defence/attack/midfield)? Not that we stick to positions anyway.


Thats fine, ive got astro boots, will get black shorts and socks tomorrow (can’t be called all blacks and turn up in red shorts and blue socks) lol. Got shin guards too. Id prob say striker was always my best position. But im happy to play anywhere. Ive got a more attacking mind. Ha. Thanks for your help mate.


No probs, I will be in touch again before the game.


Hi Graemeg123, Terry has confirmed you can join us in the All-Blacks, he has just asked for your full name, so he can match you up. I presume your first name is Graeme? Cheers, Ian


Messaged you Ian


All sorted. Im on the all blacks team. I will he there for 8pm tomorrow. Look out for the guy who looks lost. Lol


Sorry for the continuing ManvFat chaos last week, hopefully we will actually get a game this week. Have you joined the All-Blacks whatsapp group yet? That’s mainly how we communicate day-to-day. Cheers Ian


Hi Ian, no problems. Yeah was all geared uo last week. Lol. No i havent joined yet, how do i join? Can you add me at all?


Hi, signed up for this league and just have a couple of questions. As I’ve missed the first week/ registration, will I just need to arrive earlier on Thursday to register? Also do you know when I’ll find out what team I will be on?
Looking forward to playing again
Thanks in advance for any help


Hi all,
Need to shed some unwanted timber so just joined this morning - expecting to show up Thursday 23rd - is that too late to the party and what do i need to bring - proper footy boots or trainers and does what kit i wear matter? Cheers all, looking forward to it!


Hi All, in almost the same situation as Allen above with all the same questions except I am thinking of starting tomorrow. Will that be alright?