MAN v FAT Football Exeter League



Welcome MAN v FAT Footballers,

Thank you for registering for the MAN v FAT Football Exeter League this page will serve as a great place to meet your future team mates (and opposition) as well as keep up-to-date with all news and updates relevant to your league.

Your league details are:

League Name: Exeter
Registration Location: Exeter City Football Club, St James Park, EX4 6PX
Registration Date/Time: 19/01/2018 20:00
League Venue Details: Cliff Hill Training Ground, Sidmouth Road, Clyst St Mary, Exeter, EX5 1DP
League Start Date/Time: 26/01/2018 20:00

All of these details and the latest information about your league (including photos, videos, scores, stats and more) can be found on your league homepage, which you can find here

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The MAN v FAT website is also rammed with information, motivation, recipes, funny stuff and advice and you can find that here - MAN v FAT

You’ll also notice the Amazing Loser section and you should know that all of the Amazing Losers we profile are members of this forum so you can message them directly to ask for more information. It forms the largest social network of men supporting each other’s weight loss anywhere on the web, and it’s a massive support for your own weight loss journey.

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If you have any questions please feel free to browse our MAN v FAT Football FAQ. If you still can’t find the answers your looking for then feel free to ask us below and we will get back to you.

I would also strongly recommend having a good look around the forum as it is jam-packed with great info, expert advice and tips to help you get going and be successful. Here is a great place to start - the ultimate new user post. You should also know that you can get advice from PTs and dietitians directly on this forum by visiting the Ask a PT Anything and Ask a Qualified Dietician anything threads. If you want to know how to do something on the forum such as upload an image or insert a video then check out the Forum FAQ

Finally be sure to introduce yourself by replying below so you can get to know your fellow league members. You will find plenty of chaps in the same situation as yourself all looking to come together to lose weight, get healthy and get back to enjoying football again.

I look forward to welcoming you at registration.

Ben Gallon
MAN v FAT League Administrator


So What Happens Next?

You have signed up, got your welcome email and clicked the link that’s got you to here! Hopefully your excitement is building, you have started getting used to the forum and are chatting to guys who have signed up for the same league (if you haven’t posted yet then go for it, it will settle the nerves and give you some faces to look for at registration).

You should feel comfortable asking any questions here no matter how big or small, if you’re wondering about something then I guarantee someone else is too.

The next step of your journey will see you attend the registration session for your league. All details of dates, times and location can be found in the original post and on your league homepage. There isn’t any football at your registration session so you can dress casually. Although we recommend trying to dress in similar clothing to that which you will be wearing on game nights to get the most accurate weigh ins each week.

At registration, we will introduce you to the league and how it works, take your starting weight, height and waist measurement and you will have the opportunity to take some photos for your records (I can’t recommend this highly enough as the transformation of so many players is staggering, it’s nice to have your own personal record and we even have a feature on your homepage to help you with this). You will also be introduced to your team and league coach who will be there to support you on your journey to a fitter healthier lifestyle. Each team will have a WhatsApp group created for it and will be given a team colour.

There is also still time to get your family, friends or work colleagues involved and you can support each other on the journey. Most men are notorious for being secret dieters and this is often our downfall, share your experience and get motivated to hit your targets and be successful.

Lets Smash it, Ben, MAN v FAT League Administrator.


How can I make our league successful?

The beauty of MAN v FAT and especially the Football element is that as we are all in the same boat we can push each other to achieve so much more than when we do it alone. Success breeds success, we motivate and inspire people just by doing our best.

In order for your league to work well we need good numbers to build the support structures we try and create and the atmosphere that has worked so well at all of our current leagues. You can help massively here as a large number of sign ups come from player referrals and word of mouth so to speak. There is also added accountability in attending a league with people you know and for those of you that are competitive it also gives you the opportunity to earn the bragging rights and target the top weight loss accolades.

Below I have included a flyer for your league and I ask that you simply share it via any means at your disposal - Facebook, Twitter and football Fan Forums are great examples. You can also set up your own referral code that gets you £5 credit in the club shop and your friend 50% off their registration fee. Visit here to set up your code and get sharing it to as many people as possible.

There will also be a MAN v FAT Football on offer for the top referrer in January, so go go go!!



I hope you can help, I live in Sidmouth and would like to join your league my skills aren’t great but I do currently play walking football locally and the training ground is only a 15min drive for me. My only issue at this stage is I am unable to attend the registration evening as I will be working in Birmingham. I should be OK virtually every Friday after that. Can I register another time/place.

Many Thanks



Hi, I am Steve. I can’t wait to get started and look forward to meeting my team mates!


Hi Tim,

You can register for the league at

Don’t worry too much about your ability everyone is there for the same reasons and everyone will be at different levels. The main focus is to enjoy it and shed a few lbs.

Be sure to arrive early the following week and we can get your measurements taken and get you introduced to everyone.

Cheers, Ben.


Excellent, I shall sign up this week.



Hi I’ve just registered. I live in Plymouth but would like to join the league and travel up each week. Is this ok?


You’ve made an excellent decision to join the new league in Exeter mate, did you see the BBC Spotlight piece this evening?


I did yes which is why I bit the bullet. I’ve actually known about man v fat for some years after seeing it on football focus when it was first launched. I rang up about six months ago to see if they had a Plymouth league but I was told no, then saw spotlight this evening saying Exeter have a league. Can’t wait to start now, my fitness is horrendous and I’m up at 18st so really need to get into shape. Do you know if we play on grass or Astro turf?


Hi, I am in the same boat, was on Spotlight tonight. I believe it’s on Astro at Exeter City training ground.


Really looking forward to it now, will be at the registration next Friday. Is there a whatsapp group? Thought i saw something about one earlier.


I’m not sure about the local logistics to be honest Josh but I know you will love being part of the league. Stay in touch on the forum, it would be great to hear how you’re getting on


Hi Steve, thanks for taking part earlier on. I just thought I’d let you know that we’ve had 16 people sign up since the piece went out this evening.
I know you’ll have a great league down there but as I say to @Josh_Hutchins above stay in touch on here.
One of the really great things about MvF is how much everyone supports each other to if you get the chance post regular updates to let us all know how you’re getting on.
I’m sure our paths will cross again mate but if you need any advice feel free to shout.


Hi all,

Thinking about signing up, but need to know if it’s on Astro, 3G or grass? I’ve had to stop playing on Astro because of a bad knee, so don’t want to commit if I’m not going to be able to play.




My knees are shot too but it’s on the Astro at Exeter City training ground which is state of the art. That means the surface will have the same amount of give as grass as they won’t want to risk injury to professional players!


We have any number of guys taking part in our leagues around the country that have said similar things about current injuries or health issues. Whilst we would always advise you to check with your GP if you have any concerns I can say that there is no pressure on anyone taking art to play the full match so you would be able to ease yourself in and do what is comfortable for you.
Lots of our guys say that the improved fitness and lighter weight more often than not means that they were quickly able to do more than they could previously and those improvements continue the longer they take part.
Man v Fat Football coach


Cheers gents, I’ve signed up now! I’ll see you all at the registration event.



Weighed myself this morning. I think the excitement and motivation of signing up has already made an impact as I have lost 7lbs in a week!!!


That’s brilliant mate, well done