MAN v FAT Football Grimsby



Welcome MAN v FAT Footballers,

Thank you for registering for the MAN v FAT Football Grimsby League this page will serve as a great place to meet your future team mates (and opposition) as well as keep up-to-date with all news and updates relevant to your league.

Your league details are:

League Name: Grimsby

Registration Location: Bradley Football Development Centre, Bradley Road, Grimsby, DN37 0AG
Registration Start Date/Time: 21.09.2018 @ 6pm - 8pm

League Venue Details: Bradley Football Development Centre, Bradley Road, Grimsby, DN37 0AG

League Start Date/Time: 28.09.2018 @ 6pm - 8pm

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Finally be sure to introduce yourself by replying below so you can get to know your fellow league members. You will find plenty of chaps in the same situation as yourself all looking to come together to lose weight, get healthy and get back to enjoying football again.

I look forward to welcoming you at registration



I’ve just joined the league after previously playing in the hull league, is there a whatsapp group for this league yet?


Yeah, will send it you now.



This website isn’t the smoothest . I’ve previously played in hull league can you add me to WhatsApp group . 07725166262


Hi @leeshotbolt1
What issues are you facing - and by the website do you mean this one or the football one?


Getting added to the WhatsApp group for the league I have joined . Links just bring me here


Just sent it again. Thanks


Can I be added to the Grimsby league WhatsApp please? The link keeps sending me to the dashboard here, cheers


PM’d you



I’ve just signed up but currently on holiday and will be back available on the 13th October to play is this ok?

Can I also be added to the WhatsApp group



Any chance of being added to the WhatsApp group for Grimsby League? Registered last Thursday


morning all - just joined up - how do I get added to the Whats App group? cheers!!


how do we get added to the Watsapp Group?


i had my first weigh in last night. lost 7lb. so happy with that. however football was not so good. as suspected there where some very young fit lads. fast and strong and the quality of football was very high. the football side is not for somebody out of shape. i know that sounds ridiculous to say, but you need to be in reasonable or good condition to compete. its competitive and aggressive. (not in a nasty way) i met an old mate down there and he said the same as me. we thought it was a few older fat guys tottering around and hoping to lose a few pound. as per the tv and you tube adverts. nah. nothing like it. its full on competitive football. so be weary. brilliant for weight loss but its not for the feint hearted


Hi just joined group just received email saying I would be added to a WhatsApp group just getting to grips with everything how do I contact the team I’m in thanks


Hi can I be added to WhatsApp group ???


Missed January Registration but hopefully wont miss next one.


Players can join at any point during the season and there is still room on the league if you are still interested? Head to to get signed up



Afternoon all, some of the lads in Doncaster MvF are intersted in possibly geting together and playing some 11-a-side games, would any of your lads be interested in pplaying against us?, If we can just get an idea of interest we could maybe move it forward and get something sorted out for later in the year, cheers.


hi mate sounds good if we could sort something out, there would be enough of us to get a team sorted out for sure.