MAN v FAT Football Grimsby

Sounds like a plan, we are currently trying to get as many players as we can interested at this end, got enough for a game, but when we sort out a date and time there are more than likely going to be some that drop out, would you be the best point of contact to use for sorting this out, could really do with setting up a messenger or whatsapp group to make it easier to discuss options of locations, dates and times etc

anyone know who I can use as a point of contact from MvF Grimsby to try and get this arranged? Was hoping to get a seperate chat set up with them, or a group set up for players that are interested in playing to keep everyone updated. I am looking at trying to sort something for May, which gives us just over a month to sort it out, have made some enquiries regarding pitch hire so should know more about available dates and costs in the next few days, numbers at this end are growing gradually and we should hopefully have plenty to get a game together

Just joined up today lads do I have to wait to get into a team or can I come along was hoping for a game today

Just paid to join today still no email confirmation (nothing in spam either). No phone call - help! Want to get some game time but need details forwarding from the persons coaching etc