MAN v FAT Football Kidderminster League



Good Morning Kidderminster MAN v FAT Footballers,

Registration is now less than a week away. The registration/intro session is the beginning of the league and we invite all players who have signed up online to attend in order to be introduced to the league and how it works, meet your coach and mingle with the other players on the league and get your all important starting measurements taken. Football will then begin the following week with week 1 of fixtures.

In the next 24 hours all players registered for the league will be sent an email with details of their new team. This will contain a team number, colour and also a link to your team whatsapp group. Please join your whatsapp group as soon as you get chance as this will be a great place to meet your team mates ahead of Fridays session and also ask any questions you may have.

Good Luck, Ben, MAN v FAT League Admin


Hi, how many members are there per team?


Hi guys just signed up for kidderminster league I’m not to sure what happens now as I have just received this email .


If a friend joins using the link do they play on the same team as me


Hi @philmurphy40

Please drop an email over to with your names of you and your friends, and we can then get that arranged as much as possible.


I know the registration is the the harriers ground but I’ve never been there so not sure where to go . Can any one help


How do I get my invitation to the team’s what’s app group (I’m white in kidderminster league)


Hi Phil,

Drop me an email on



It’s sorted now thanks .


I just signed up today which I’m aware is past the deadline date of 5th March, I had work commitments so couldn’t attend the registration at the Harriers last night.
Couple of questions… Can I still get included in league starting from next Monday / How many players/teams entered for Kidderminster league?




Hi Sean I believe they are still recruiting players at present there are 4 team’s with roughly 10 players in each team from what I understood at registration they are looking to breaking team’s down and to introduce a couple more team’s . Hope this of some help .

See you down there


Hi Sean. I’ve just been signed up to act as Man v Fat coach to support the admin side. I’m slowly getting my head around it so bare with me, but essentially to start with thank you so much for signing up to Man v Fat. We currently have 4 teams (40 players), we needed 60 get a 6 team league but didnt manage it. You have currently been placed on a waiting list of around 6. My job is to chase anyone within the current 40 assigned players who have either not attended the registration evening or not paid, there are a few. Once I’ve confirmed they no longer want to be in the process I delete them from the league and replace them with players on the waiting list. I will keep you informed but it’s a 1st come 1st serve based on who registered first and I know we have a couple names ahead of you at this stage. Any queries then message in here or call 01562 732974.
Thanks Mate.


Sorry Ben, just gained admin status for the forum today so obviously missed this message. But I remember meeting you on Monday so you found it lol. Cheers mate. Are you the blue team - Benteke Fried Chicken? Being a Villa fan I cant bring myself to say come on you blues!!! :slight_smile: Hope you have a great time mate.


No mate, the Bank holiday Mondays I’ve not booked the pitches (there are 3) but wont affect the length of the league :+1:


That’s great, thanks for letting me know… Key thing I guess is do I turn up on Monday evening next week?

Best regards,



Any idea what team I am in yet? Was told on Monday should know befor Thursday?


Luke is in a team now. Still have 4 on the waiting list so it’s important lads who are in teams to stay committed as have lads waiting. Let your captains know if you can not make a week or the coach Ade - 07758655732.

Cant wait for Monday!!!


How do I get added to my team’s WhatsApp group for team black?


I have only signed up today and see the league has already started. What is the best thing to do? Do I just turn up Monday and introduce myself?


You should be contacted by email in response to signing up. If not, I’d say yes to turning up as players are usually needed. Not sure of the protocol to be honest!