MAN v FAT Football Kidderminster League



Hi everyone, so I’ve been drafted in to the blues for the end of the season. See you all tomorrow night. Graeme


Hi all

Just registered and had welcome email for the Kidderminster league. Am I in a waiting list? What do I do from here?




Hi Tom, your probably on the waiting list.
The new season just kicked off this week and Dale Evans is the “coach” who will most likely be in touch etc… but by all means pop over on a Monday and watch a game or two and see Dale face to face too.
Good luck :+1:t4:


Hi there.

I have just this moment signed up. It looks like a really good thing and exactly what I both need and enjoy.

I am however a little confused. Apart from receiving emails full of links to all sorts of things, I am not sure what to do next.

I would be really grateful if someone could do me a favour and give me a short cut through all this, no doubt useful, information and let me know…

Where do I go, when do I go there and what should I expect.

Thanks, Dave