MAN v FAT Football Middlesbrough



I have also just signed up but got no whatsapp link yet and for the registration night do you need your football gear on for that or is it just a registration??


I have just PM’d you

Check out the FAQ section on the post above and that will answer all your questions in relation to registration night, however in short - no football gear as no football is played on the reg night.

See you Monday.



Do you have to stay in the teams or can u join the team that your friends are as i think it would be more of a challenge with friends in your team?


Hi, I’ve just signed up for the league, but struggling to make the registration tonight. Can I get put into a team and turn up to play next week?


Hi Andy,

If you can’t make the session because of work then don’t worry, please just arrive at least 30 minutes early for your first game and let your coach know. They will then do these measurements and give you all the information you need at that session. Obviously because you’re missing from registration it means that you won’t be able to score weight loss goals until the week after your first session.

You will receive an email today with all the info you need as well.



Afternoon Karl, can’t see red fation in the fixtures, are we subject yo an update?

Thanks for the add btw, looking forward to it.


Apologies - about 45 mins after I sent you confirmation, they changed their name to FC Twenty Stone…


Awesome. Cheers for the reply.



Glad u got sorted mate, more referrals for me. Should be on commission :pound::pound::rofl::rofl:


Myself and a mate just signed up. Looking for the whats app group if possible. Cheers


Just signed up can I have the WhatsApp link please


Same for me for the WhatsApp please Karl.


Is it too late to join ?


You can sign up anytime throughout the season, just get yourself registered at: Cheers


Cheers signed up ,does someone at the Middlesbrough end get in touch?


Yeah, Your coach will be in touch soon



Ok cheers


What’s the WhatsApp link ?


Recommended a friend will the £5 go into my bank or isit something I collect from someone ?


The £5 payment is paid via PayPal, this is done on a weekly basis every Friday, if you have any further questions then please email