MAN v FAT Football Monthly - You Asked, We Listened

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Since we launched the second wave of MAN v FAT Football leagues we’ve had a ton of feedback from you, the players, and we’ve used that feedback to finesse the way we deliver the leagues. While we’re on that point please note if ever you have suggestions then please feel free to email us and we promise to steal the best ideas and pass them off as our own listen.

We get it - you want to move to monthly direct debits and have the choice about when that comes out. Let’s do that then.

By far, the number one thing you’ve requested is to have your league fees collected on a monthly basis, instead of the slightly wonky three week time frame we were using. We wanted to make sure that everyone was on board with this as a potential change and so we put out a player survey and and there’s been a landslide - 93% of you voted to switch from paying £21 every three weeks (which is the way it works currently) to paying £25 every month.

The comments were primarily around the ease of setting this into your household budget but we also had a lot of feedback about the confusion when one season’s direct debit came to an end and then when we started another. You also were adamant that it would be useful to be able to select when your monthly payment came out. So we’re going to do that too (even though as it turns out it’s a right pain in the arris. Ho hum, the customer is always right, right?)

As the feedback was so overwhelming we’re going to move to this new system at the end of the next season for each league and implement the new monthly rolling payment system for the new league.

To recap:

  • Your feedback said that £6 per week was the right fee, so we’re keeping at that level, there is no price rise.
  • We calculate the £25 per month as £6 per week over 50 weeks (no pitches are open over Christmas), divided by 12 this gives £25 per month.
  • We will arrange rebates for bank holidays causing missed sessions, details of this will be made available through your coach.
  • Feedback said that you wanted a session for the week/s between leagues so we’re going to do that too.
  • We will no longer be able to offer the option to pay for an entire league in one go. If you want to get a discount on your league you do still have options though - you can earn a fiver for every friend, relative or colleague you refer into the leagues.

As ever, you’re still free to cancel at any time and continue playing up until the end of the period your latest payment covers. The flip-side of that is that if you’re sticking around for the league continuation (and 86% of players do, woohoo!), you don’t have to get a new direct debit set up.

If you’re an existing player you’ll start your new monthly subscription when you start your next league and they’ll continue until you’re ready to leave, a healthier, slimmer, fitter, stronger man (which I think you’ll agree is money well spent). If you’re a new player, your monthly subscription will begin from the day you join a team.

If you want to switch the day your direct debit comes out then all you have to do is email us at and we'll get it changed for you.

I’m pleased to say that the Player Survey highlighted lots of really positive comments about how you’re finding the leagues and there was some blush-inducing stuff about how much you value the work that your coaches put in, and how the leagues are changing lives. This for us is the really exciting part. Running the leagues is a lot of work and the team put in some serious hours and miles to make these leagues exist and run as smoothly as possible, but to know that people are beating diabetes, being taken off blood pressure medication and are now able to play with their children in the park makes it all worthwhile.

There were a number of other issues raised (in no particular order - monitoring referees, wanting kits for the leagues, bigger/smaller pitches (might be difficult to square this one:), needing more equipment e.g. balls and bibs) which are now being sorted out. We’ll update you on all of these developments as they happen.

As ever, we actively want your feedback so please do let us know either on the forum or on email and we’ll do our best to sort out any issues and steal your great ideas.


“Feedback said that you wanted a session for the week/s between leagues so we’re going to do that too”

The Glasgow league is due to end on 14th May for a 2 week break, does this mean that there will be sessions run on these 2 weeks?

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Hi Scott - it will be from the next league, so between season 2 and 3 there will be sessions.

How have you found this league? Obviously, there were teething problems at the beginning but how did you find it after that?

More football, easier to track payments - all good news.

Yeah have really enjoyed it, after 20 years of trying everything I’ve finally found a way I can lose weight and keep it off. Have had a few issues with forfeiting through the season due to insufficient numbers but has got better. Loving it though and glad it’s continuing onto Season 2 and beyond.

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Great, so pleased it’s working for you. I’m not going to lie it’s been the toughest league we’ve got going (so far) but it’s really worth it to know that players like yourself are getting something out of it.

I would say the vast majority in Glasgow are thinking the same as I do. What has been the biggest issues? Hopefully they are mostly resolved and after we get a chance to backfill the teams we’ll be ready to go again for season 2.

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Biggest issues, hmmm.

Personally, I was quite surprised by the occasionally vehement anti-English rhetoric. I’m not 100% sure whether it’s just an ironic thing, but there was definitely a few surprises for me there. To the point where we were advised not to put the fact that it’s approved by the English FA on the flyers as this might actually put Glasgow blokes off! I always thought it was a bit more of a jokey thing, but maybe not so much?

The other thing was that we had two coaches who had to drop out. One as a result of childcare and the other as a result of his child going into hospital. Nothing we could really do about that but it did mean that the start of the league especially was quite stop-start and it really didn’t give a good impression.

Fortunately, our amazing ops manager Terry refused to let it lie and basically got the train from Essex to Glasgow every weekend until it was sorted! Really hoping that Season 2 can see it push on and be a smoother ride!

I’m actually suprised, shocked at that to be honest. I know there are a few outspoken, highly opinionated people in the group but didn’t see this happening. I know there can be a bit of banter with scottish and english but didnt think it could go that far, Apologies on behalf of Glasgow if it caused any offence.

Yeah Terry has put a lot of work in, especially on the group Whats App to keep things ticking over and Baz, our coach has been always receptive to any questions and works hard to try and make it a success.

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Not at all! I think I was more shocked because I’ve got a few friends from Glasgow and it’s never really come up, potentially it’s just when football gets involved. Really no apology needed and as you say it was probably just a vocal minority!

[quote=“admin, post:8, topic:21547”]
Personally, I was quite surprised by the occasionally vehement anti-English rhetoric. I’m not 100% sure whether it’s just an ironic thing, but there was definitely a few surprises for me there. To the point where we were advised not to put the fact that it’s approved by the English FA on the flyers as this might actually put Glasgow blokes off! I always thought it was a bit more of a jokey thing, but maybe not so much?[/quote]

That’s nonsense mate, is this based on one or two guys that you have maybe spoken to over the phone or something? There’s been none of that at all. I’m stunned you’ve said that seeing as you haven’t been near our league.
Also if we’re taking shots here, what about the lads that travelled down to the national tournament only to be booed whenever Glasgow was mentioned and kicked about the park?
Your comments are untrue and unnecessary.

I have to dip in here because I was overseeing the pitch for the round robin games involving the Glasgow league and can guarantee that there was no sign of any booing around the pitch, if there was any I would have had words at the time.
I must say I found the guys to be fantastically committed, not only on the pitch but particularly off it when I found out the journey they made to get to SGP on the day.
Hopefully the guys do feel part of this massive Man v Fat family and look forward to league 2 where they and others can move on in their journey to a lighter, fitter and healthier life along with the hundreds of others now signed up around the country.
Bridgwater and Yeovil MVFF coach

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I said they where being booted off the park not booed.
The booing was when the names where called out when the fixtures where announced for the knockout stage.
If you say you didn’t hear it you are lying.

@Steph.A I’m not interested in getting into a slanging match with you, I’m just answering a question I was asked honestly. Saying I’m talking nonsense would mean that you know more about the conversations I’ve had than I do, which clearly isn’t true.

There has definitely been situations where an anti-English vibe has come across. The advice about using the FA badge was just an example of what I’m talking about.

I’m not saying any of this to inflame anything, more because I’d love to understand it so we can improve the league and support more men. There are more Scottish leagues planned and I want to get it right. If something I’m doing is culturally insensitive then I’d like to know so I can change it!

I’m happy with the changes which seem as if they will make things run a lot smoother, especially on the financial side.

As a member of the Glasgow League, I can empathise with it being tough, it has been for some of us too. I would like to say I have never heard/read any anti-English stuff but I’m disappointed to hear it might have happened. The only enemy is fat!

I’ve enjoyed the experience overall so far and I’m really looking forward to the next season.

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The only enemy is fat, amen!

Couldn’t agree more. The anti English stuff is something of nothing, the only reason I really brought it up was to see if there was a wider feeling, but I think it’s just a case that I probably caught someone on a bad day. Also, I’m a right pain in the arsenal so maybe they just hated me :smile:

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Shan, just to be clear, it was me who suggested that the English FA badge on Scottish flyers possibly wasn’t wise and there was no anti-English vibe about it from me. I am disappointed that you would think this. I merely commented that some people might not respond positively to it from a perspective that it isn’t related to Scotland other than it is a great endorsement. We we batting ideas off each other and I was merely trying to consider every possible barrier for participation. I genuinely hope that neither Terry or anyone else experienced anything malicious or even any banter that was offensive and I am sure the guys in Glasgow would not wish anyone to feel unwelcome.

P.S. I don’t hate you…honest

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Ha! Yours was put more delicately than the lad I had who said, “The FA?! Why the ■■■■ would I want to play with The FA?” he was the one I was thinking of more than yours :smile:

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Ah, yes it was people like him that I was worried about, but thankfully, the Glasgow guys all seemed to be great guys and above such nonsense