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Your league details are:

League Name: Norwich
Registration Location: Carrow Park, Carrow Road, Norwich, NR1 1JE
Registration Date/Time: 19/01/2018 19:00
League Venue Details: The FDC @ Open Academy, Salhouse Road, Norwich, R7 9DL
League Start Date/Time: 26/01/2018 20:00

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I look forward to welcoming you at registration.

Ben Gallon
MAN v FAT League Administrator


Hello, I’m Mark 46 years old and obviously not very fit lol
I decided to finally do something about my fitness and Weight after my so commented on big my belly was.
So after 3 years on inactivity I’m looking forward with some trepidation to meeting new people and starting my weight loss journey


Hi My name is Ashley and I’m 27 years old. I’ve signed up to loose weight and change my mindset and to meet new people :slight_smile: I’ve just become a dad a few weeks ago to a baby boy and I would like to loose weight and be a healthy active person for my family. After stumbling across man v fat football I think it’s a fantastic idea and better than going to a gym on your own. Looking forward to meeting everyone in the league and having a laugh :-).


I’m Dan, 30 years old and I’m an alcoholic…

Sorry, wrong club :wink:

Ok, on a serious note I’m not an alcoholic as I’m pretty much T-Total :D.

Wanted to get back into football for many years now but have been to worried about my size that I couldn’t manage to last the distance in matches.

All up for a Whatsapp group if others are? Think it’s a great way of keeping up to date on the go as with my work I tend to not get much free time to check this forum as much as I maybe should.

Look forward to seeing you all soon and losing lots of LBS



Congrats on becoming a dad, greatest feeling in the world… I have 3, need to lose weight so I can run when the kids are playing up :smiley:


Thank you :slight_smile: it sure is and exactly same reason I have joined family is everything and it’s all about the future and it’s also about showing your kids exercise is important and with determination you can achieve anything :slight_smile:


Hi guys I’m chris 32 I’m ex raf and since leaving the forces iv piled the weight on and I don’t like looking at myself. I used to play football 3-4 times a week in the raf but haven’t kicked a ball in about 4 years now so this seems perfect for me get back into football lose weight.

I have a 2 year old little boy so I need my fitness levels improving to keep up with him


Hi Chris

Fantastic story behind you being in the raf :slight_smile: I haven’t played football for years and years lol will be good to start playing and losing the pounds :+1:


Yeah it should be fun fitness has stopped me playing for a few years now just wish it started sooner hahah


Spot on :blush: I know soon be here :+1:


Hi I’m Gary 36 and yes I’m over weight but I am really looking forward to starting next month and getting to know everyone


It will be great to meet some like minded people its been a long time since I played too I also have a 16 month old who loves to run about constantly so I really need to keep up and I have 2 other children too so I need my fitness back to cope with it all :rofl:


Hello Gary:-) congrats on your 16month old :slight_smile: will be good meeting you and playing some footie


Thanks mate and yes would be great to meet you too😀


Good to see so many people in here already! Looking forward to meeting you all


Hi I am Luke 32 years old, with two young boys looking forward to starting playing again after a few years of not being active and losing some weight


Hi lads, good to see some faces on here already, go easy on me as I look much bigger than all of you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


So who is already dieting and who is waiting till after the Xmas festivities?


Good question mark. Well I’m going to eat what I like at Christmas not loads but it’s Christmas. But since joining and waiting for the league to start I’ve already started to change my mindset and not snacking the bad stuff, takeaways etc. I’ve also started walking to work there and back and eating more salads for lunch and not always bread but still have it occasionally;-) it’s trying to find out what’s beat for you but I’m excited for the league and to give tips etc to each other be Good. I HOPE YOU ALL HAVE A GOOD CHRISTMAS AND A NEW YEAR


Hi Everyone, I’m Ian, 35 years old (36 by the time we get underway) and I guess I’m here for the same reason as the rest of you.

I played 5 or 6 aside weekly until my children came along (7 years ago now) but priorities changed, free time became rare and by the time commitments allowed me to get back into it I’d let myself go too much (I’d always been tubby at the best of times). I’ve always struggled to find any exercise that came close to being as much fun as playing football, which hasn’t helped when it’s come to keeping off the lbs!

I am looking to make a big change in 2018, I have a few aches and pains I don’t think I should have at 35, and really don’t fancy diabetes.

For the last few weeks I’ve been dieting with a bit of success, but will no doubt indulge over Christmas. I think in the back of my mind that’s why I’ve been dieting - I’d have been out of clothing options come January if I’d have done nothing beforehand!

Looking forward to meeting you all in January!