MAN v FAT Football Norwich League



Yes we can park in the car park behind jarold stand :grin: looking forward to registration :+1:


Yeah be nice to meet everyone let the journey begin


Spot on it will fella and will be good,rusty at first on the football front will be a laugh and getting fit :slight_smile:


Anyone know if the car park were parking on behind jarold stand is free or pay and display?? If so Il bring change lol


I’ve bin there loads but can’t say I’ve ever seen a ticket machine may be wrong I’ll take some change just in case lol


Fair enough good shout :slight_smile:


Just had a look on the NCFC website. It states parking is free.


Nice on Gav:-) so tonight is the night see you all later :+1:


All signed up.

I’m yet to receive any info about teams etc. Just had the welcome email. hopefully il be put in a team lol


Hi lads do we have to turn up any earlier to registration I know we do on match nights but wasn’t sure tonight if it’s 7 or tunp up half hour earlier like next week?? @gjm2350 I’m sure you will get email if not they I’m assuming will sort that part out tonight for you :+1:


@AshW1508 yeh ive got the email so all good. Is there any football match tonight or is it just registration do you know?


Nice one it is just registration tonight :+1:


Hey jb hope you are well? I’m pretty sure I saw you tonight at registration I recognised you as you said you was at Wymondham I didn’t get round to saying hi alot of people in a small room lol. I’m from Wymondham too so happy to lift share if you want? 1 week I drive then you one week?? Up to you just thought I’d reply to you :grinning:


@Gary_Mac did you come tonight? If you did, looks like we are on different teams which isn’t a problem but need to know if you still need a lift? Need to rearrange pick up time though due to weigh ins before kick off.


Sorry gav I will no longer be going due to unforseen circumstances thank you so much for the offer though it really was a kind gesture


Hoping everything is okay Gary. Hopefully we can see you one day - all the best.


Well we’ve done the hard bit lads, good luck to everyone in the upcoming season.

Let’s all be safe, get healthy and most importantly have a great time in the process.

See you on the other side!



Done more exercise since registration Friday than i have in years. cleared all the crap out the cupboards and done a healthy shop. Hope everyone is getting on ok.

If i haven’t lost anything by Friday i am going to starve myself lol.

Good Luck lads. See you all Friday night



I’ve cut portion sizes and all snacks since Friday night. Unfortunately, I’ve got an other half who doesn’t believe in low fat ingredients (she walks everywhere and is active in her job) and two teenage sons…and a pile of Christmas food that still needs eating!

Apparently I’ve been miserable all weekend :wink:

Looking forward to starting to play again, though. Will then add some extra exercise on other days.


Hi, I was unable to make it to the registration meeting on Friday but have since signed up and paid my fees. Not heard anything about teams or much else really. Do i just turn up a little earlier this Friday and sort it from there., or is This league already full? Thanks. I didn’t join until Sunday evening .