MAN v FAT Football Norwich League



Mark. Not a problem that you where unable to make Friday night. I can see on the system you are all signed up. I am just putting those who have recently signed up into their teams. After this you should get a Whatsapp invitation to your teams group where they will give you all the information that you need. Hopefully by tomorrow at the latest you will be in your new team.


Thank you. I was probably being impatient!


Mark, your new team will add you into their whatsapp group, giving you all the information regarding Friday night. :slight_smile:


Hey ash. Sorry for the delayed response but works been horribly mental all week. Happy to share lifts still if you fancy it. I’m in the late game this week so don’t feel obliged if you can’t hang around after.


The wait is finally over!



He’s dropped out pal


A little late but what a blinding evening Friday was. Felt it a bit Saturday morning but was worth it. Hope everyone has good week, see you all Friday.



Results for week one are up.


Hi all, Dan here.

Keep seeing ad’s popping up on social media.

I am a dad of two, office manager working long hours and when not at work am often fatigued. I am tired of going on holidays to exotic locations and not being happy to take my shirt off by the pool side etc - or when I do to suck my stomach in!

Last year I ditched the smoking after many years, now its time to tackle the tummy!

Used to love football at school, wasn’t great but enjoyed running around the field, hoping joining up will:

a) help me get in shape
b) let me live longer to marvel at my kids
c) make the wife swoon a little more!

Look forward to meeting many of you soon!



Dan, have you seen the messages we’ve left for you on WhatsApp?


Hi all, Tim here. 38 years old, non smoker, good sense of humour, loves the cinema…
After seeing the Man V Fat football ads, I thought it’s about time for me to lose some weight and get back to playing football again! I have gained a few unwanted pounds, ok stones, and would love to get fit. I recently started skiing at Trowse to gain some level of fitness and I enjoy mountain biking, when the weather improves.
I haven’t played now for a couple of years and I miss the ‘buzz’ of playing and meeting new people, so here I am, ready to take the next step and get out of the house!
(I don’t have Whats app, but will install it this weekend)


Welcome along lads


Good afternoon Gents!
We have hit the 200kg mark in 4 weeks. We even surpassed this! With 217kg lost in 4 weeks. What a huge effort from everyone involved. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

With no matches this week, it gives you all plenty of time to hit those big numbers next week.

With it being pancake day just last week i have a question for you…what will you be giving up for lent?!



Alcohol :drooling_face:


Amazing week @ Norwich League with some huge numbers being dropped on the scale including on player losing an amazing 6KG! We have seen more pleayers hit their 5% and some edging close to their 10%. With some great games also!

Bring on Friday :slight_smile:


Hi all - I have just joined the Norwich league and am a little confused as to what happens next. Seems season is underway, so what do I need to do in order to start getting involved?


Hi, have just joined and would love to get involved, any idea if there’s any free spaces currently


Hi @lee.turrell , if you’re looking for a team I’m sure we would be happy to have you join us. I’m in the black team I’m fairly new as well. If not you’ll be added to a team automatically, you will get added to a teams WhatsApp group once you’ve been put in a team.


Hey guys, just signed up and wondering what happens next. Do I need to contact someone? The link to WhatsApp didn’t seem to work for me.


Hi @MattP23 once you’ve been assigned to a team you’ll be added to there WhatsApp group then your good to go.