MAN v FAT Football Norwich League



Nice one, thanks Steve. Looking forward to getting started.


Not a problem, hopefully you’ll be added soon, it’s really worth doing, everyone’s really friendly and I’ve found I’ve lost more weight doing this for 4 weeks than I did with 6 months at my local gym


Hello @lee.turrell and @MattP23 - your league coach @GillManVFat will give you a call to let you know once you’ve been assigned into a team, and when your next session is held on, and finally, what team you’ve been allocated into!


I am thinking of coming to watch can you confirm you will be playing tomorrow?


Hi @Mally - You would need to arrange this with your coach, @GillManVFat

You can get in touch via where it says “arrange a free visit”. This way, the coach can make sure that someone will be expecting to meet you there.


There’s plenty of people who just come along to watch - matches are pretty much every Friday @ Open Academy 8.00 & 8.30 but there’s people either in the hall or out on the pitches warming up from 7.30.

We’re a friendly bunch, and someone will make time for you or point you towards a captain. Then if you want to do something more formal then speak to one of the CSF coaches who will help you from there, and sign you up if you’re ready.

We’re now in week 11 of 14, so you’ll time it ideally to get a feel for it ready for next season.


Hi all just registered im 37 and loved playing football years ago BC (Before Children) when i was 5 stone lighter. now my 5 year old is really getting into football which make me want to do more than just kicking a ball around the garden. Looking forward to getting started Steve


Hi Steve,

Welcome along - Registration tomorrow night - see you there!


Hi gents, I’ve just registered so hopefully I’ll be allocated to a team shortly. I have played in a MvF league before - Nottingham towards the end of last year. I quit as I had a private strop about not being good enough at football (that hasn’t changed, incidentally). Inevitably, I missed the discipline and put the weight I had lost back on (and then some), so I know the system works.

A couple of weeks ago we finally relocated from the midlands to Norfolk (Gorleston) to be precise, so it seems a good opportunity to get back into MvF and losing some baggage!



Welcome Rich,

Look forward to seeing you there!


Hi All, just signed up, moved to Norfolk recently, not played football for almost 6 months, and that was only a weekly 7-a-side thing with some mates. Whats next? Do i need to join a team or is all that stuff taken care of and just need to wait? Games on a Friday right? keen to dive straight in if possible.


Hi @ricknotley @rs1978

Yes, teams get allocated automatically. Once you are here Friday night you should be allocated into a team (presuming you’ve paid you’re sign up etc)

See you both there



Hi Guys,
Just signed up! I see the league starts again at the end of the Month! Do I need to do anything between now and then and should expect to start playing straight away or does it take abit of time!?
Eager to get stuck in :+1:


Just signed up, kinda unsure on what happens next…

I see the league is due to start in 2 weeks, how will we know if the league fills up and is actually starting?


Hello everyone, your coach will be in touch to tell you when your registration session will begin. The coach has to assign players into teams first from the waiting list.


Hey folks,

I just signed up although apparently I am on a waiting list which is disappointing as I was really excited to get going.

Best of luck to everyone in their journeys, and I’ll see you on the pitch!


First appearance in something of a breathless cameo last Friday. Still feeling it now. Enjoyed it no end.
Great bunch of guys playing, although the refereeing! Look forward to video replays for next season.
Been getting mixed info. New league starts before the registration day? Coaches said 25th was a no game day. Can anyone advise, it’s a fair trek from Gorleston.
Thanks all
Dave ‘Heavy D’


I believe registration day is coming up soon for the Norwich League. I signed up but I am on the waiting list. I assume that unless I hear any different by e-mail, I don’t need to go to the registration day?

If anyone know that would be great! @MvFFootballHelp

Thanks in advance.


Hi @joe.bales90 - Yes, that’s usually the case, that the coaches will get in touch with players on the waiting list to invite them over to a Bring A Friend Session or to the Registration Session, if they’ve been added into a team.


Thanks for clarifying :slight_smile: I shall just wait until the coach gets in touch then!