MAN v FAT Football Norwich League



Out of interest, where does one go to find out how many referrals they’ve received? I can’t see it on the website anywhere…


Hi guys,

I’m also on the dreaded waiting list, which is a shame. Came here to see if I needed to come Friday, but @joe.bales90 beat me to it!

Look forward to meeting you all when it’s my turn.



Hi @ScottJ - drop an email over to and we can check over your profile on your behalf.


Hi Andrew are you still waiting or are you now singed up?


Hi Malloy. I’ve heard nothing since my last post. Thanks, Andrew


Hi Andrew
That’s a pity when the teams met last week the coaching team said taking into consideration those on the waiting list they only needed around another 5 players to register in order to get another team.



Apologies for getting your name autocorrected to Malloy. Oh well - hopefully it’ll mean we get the call ahead of next season.



No problem with the name I’m used to it.


Just seeing if there is any update to get started!?
I registered awhile back but haven’t heard anything! Hopefully someone can give me an update


@Dan-Church-MvF Dan can you look into this please fella?



Hi Mark,

There is currently a waiting list to get started on the Norwich league, as a space opens up, a player from the waiting list will get assigned into the league in order of when they signed up.

To find out where you are in the list, you would be best to contact Jake directly as he is the one who has access to this information.

Look forward to hopefully seeing you soon.



Hello guys

I’ve just signed up to the league and can’t wait to start playing and losing some weight.

I’m currently on a waiting list, any ideas on how long the list is? and when i can expect to start playing?


Hi @Shillberto - Once there is a space for you on a team, your coach Jake will contact you directly and offer you the space, and to confirm what happens next. I wouldn’t be able to tell you how long of a wait that will be, I’m afraid. Each league is managed by their coach and admin team who have a better scope on their players.


Hi Guys,

So we’re coming to the close of Season 4, So for anybody on the waiting list, contact for the new season should be imminent :slight_smile:


Hi Andrew,
Have you joined yet or still waiting?


Have you signed up or are you still waiting?


Hi guys,

Iv just signed up but it’s saying I’m on a waiting list but a new season is starting on 25th of this month. Can anyone tell me how long I’ll be waiting as iv paid to join not to wait on a list.




Hi Nick
There is a come and try evening on the 17th of May at the open in Norwich
The new season starts at the end of the month and there are spaces
I’ll get one of the people running it to log on here and contact you.
Regards Mally


Hi Mally,

Do you know what time on the 17th ? Or is it 8-9pm. Yeah that will be brilliant if you can I can’t wait to get playing again.




Hi Nick
It’s 8 till 9 get there around 7:30 for a chat and warm up

We play on the pitches at the school at the top of mousehold

Regards Mally