MAN v FAT Football Norwich League

I’ve asked Dan to let you have more details on here

Have you got address please. I don’t really know Norwich that well.


I’ll get it for you give me a few minutes

It’s on Salhouse Road next to the School
The post code is NR7 9DL
It’s opposite the retail park

Hope you can make it it’s good fun and gets you fit

Hi Nick!

Welcome to the MVF Norwich league.
We are currently coming to the end of the season, new players will be assigned for the new season shortly.

With regards to what Mally has mentioned above, all details of the time and location will be announced soon.

Look forward to seeing you soon.

All the best,


Hi Dan,

That’s sweet the website ain’t that great for joining but that’s brilliant I’ll be there next Friday see you soon and look forward to meeting you all.



Hi Nick
Did you get an email update today from Man vs Fat?

The venue is changing to Thorpe School

Let me know and I’ll give you the address if not.



Hi Mally

Yeah got an email off Karl today about this. Yeah I know where with is I use to play there about a year ago. Dan messaged aswell about getting me officially signed on so yeah glad it’s moving quickly. Look forward to meeting you next friday.



Good afternoon Gents,

Firstly i hope you’ve enjoyed your bank holiday weekend!

It was good to see many old and new faces at registration night - as you know, we kick off Season 5 on Friday.

We currently have an issue with the fixtures not generating, as soon as this is rectified i shall send out a notification to the captains to relay to you guys.

Have a great week and see you on Friday.


Hi guys, I’ve just enrolled and see that I’ve just missed the start of the current season! Sad face.

How long does the season last and when are the next enrolments?

The website isn’t all that intuitive so hopefully you may be able to help?

Many thanks!

Good Afternoon,

I believe i have spoken to you via email?
If this wasn’t yourself, please feel free to drop me a message and i will be more than happy to help.

Kind Regards

Dan Church
MANvFAT Norwich Coach

Hi Dan

Yes you did!

Much appreciated


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