MAN v FAT Football Norwich League



I’m actively trying to address it now - if you got the weight loss manual there are some good pointers in there.

I’ve been saying il start this day, that day and quite frankly it never comes. I’ve done diets lost 4st got bored and failed so now I’m not going to look at it as a diet as such more a lifestyle change and hopefully keep motivation up to lose it, do well on the pitch and not let team mates down on the scales.


Got the manual today so will have a browse through tonight, I will indulge over Xmas with the view of making 2018 the year I actually shut up and get off my fat arse and do something about rectifying the damage I’ve done to myself!
Got to say tho I’m buzzing with excitement about meeting you guys and showing you had bad I am at football lol


Yes I have decided to enjoy Christmas but I’m not going crazy that’s for sure. I have damaged my body enough over the years. The new year is going to be a new start I have decided and I am seriously buzzing about playing again just can’t wait to meet you all.


Hi I’m Adrian. At 57 probably the oldest here and at around 32 stone probably the heaviest. Have actually already lost some weight this year through dietary (plant based) changes but really need some level of exercise to boost things. Not sure exactly how much I’ll be able to do with my limited mobility but happy to have a go at least.


Hi all
I am Andy ,49 now ( just) just registered here, having not played league football for about 10 years, but just got divorced and thought i like to play football again,looking forward to seeing you all in January.


Hi Adrian, that’s good because I’m 56 and thought I was going to be surrounded by young 'uns!. Haven’t played much footy over the years but willing to give it a go.




It’s about taking part, no one here should be in a position to judge, we’re all here for the same reason. I’m sure some will have more ability running wise than others, I know mine isn’t great and I believe it’s roll on roll off subs? The coach I’m sure can answer that for sure but I’m sure I read that somewhere.
As the weeks go on I’m sure we will all be gaining confidence, losing lbs and getting fitter.

See you next month :slightly_smiling_face:



Hi guys so I registered for this league and I’m looking forward to it but I have a concern as I work away I do 2 weeks on 2 weeks off so il only be able to attend half of the games is that a problem?


Hi chris i cant see why not? We pay monthly when the games starts and at least you can still play half the games with us :slight_smile: any questions ask @admin :+1:


Did anyone see the piece on Mustard tv this morning about coming to Norwich? Really wetted the appetite for January


Hey Mark no I didn’t dam Il look out for it :+1:


Yes, it would be fine Chris. The main thing is that you’re still attending and weighing in. You can still support your team by sticking to your plan and losing weight - it helps you too!


Fab - any chance you can record it for us? They’re being tricky to pin down for them to send a copy out!



Signed up this morning after seeing a piece on this on that freeview channel… i currently play Vets football on a sunday and get called up for the saturday reserve team often, but at 6ft 5 and 23 stone, mobility often leaves me struggling too soon into a game. Hoping to have a laugh and shift some timber in 2018. All the best.


Hey I’m Khyle I’m from the yeovil league, congratulations on taking the first step, and trust me when I say this, it could be the best decision you guys have ever made. I’m 2 seasons in and have lost 15 kilos over all.

But honestly enjoy it, smash the weight loss and I look forward to seeing your guys progress along with everyone else.


Hi Kyle really appreciate what you wrote on our Norwich league forum :slight_smile: Funny enough I was reading your post on the year you’ve had and the story behind it and all I can say is inspirational, I’m really pleased for your self how everything worked out for you and how well you have done since joining. Your story will stick with me and give me that inspiration to work hard when January comes around ;-). Good for you I wish you all the very best for the future.


Thanks buddy, I’m looking forward to the start of our third season in January too. And trust me ash although I’ve come so far, there is more to come.

I’m going to keep working hard and hope to bring more inspiration to people to help them get through it all.


Your very welcome and honestly with your honesty and your post you certainly have inspired me and for sure alot more people. I’m really looking forward to starting my first season and losing weight and trying my dam bestest. Thanks again and merry Christmas to you bud.


Same to you as well. The advice for trying to lose weight, is portion sizes and a calorie deficit. It worked for me, but honestly people will always do their best to help regardless


Thanks pal :-)Il remember that one :+1:all the best.