MAN v FAT Football Norwich League



I also read your story and want to say how well you’ve done.

Looking forward to January


Honestly, thank you if you need any advice or help then give me or anyone else a shout we will help


dont let age worry you , i was 57 and not played for over 30 years when i joined Lode Heath league for its first season in Feb, I’m now looking forward to season 4 starting , life has improved a lot thanks to the support given through the scheme and my team mates. I’m now 3stone lighter dropped 6" off my waist and boy does it make a difference. Enjoy the league make the most of the support from your team, and dont forget football ability isnt as important as you think, weight loss = bonus goals. Have fun


Well a trip to the Drs after feeling unwell for a while confirmed what I thought, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and very overweight. BMI is 28.8 so some hard work ahead. The sooner we get started the better!


Merry Christmas to all in the Norwich league :slight_smile: will look forward to meeting you all in January.


Can’t wait to start merry Christmas everyone


Hope you all had a great Christmas…

Not long to go until registration now :wink:


Hi guys hope everyone had a good crimbo?

Just a quick question what are people going to wear as in footwear? I’m not sure weather to buy some boots or astrotuf trainers??

Have a good new year :grin:


Looking forward to starting the new league, oddly one thing which concerns me is how overweight do you have to be?? Ive always been skinny and i should be about 11 stone and i am about 13 and a half so i wanna lose about 2 stone…ironically is this enough - i didnt want to turn up and prople say - whats he doing here…Ive tried all sorts to lose the weight but i cant and i thought this would be perfect, im quite new to the area, wanted to lose weight, meet some people and play some footie, great idea MVF?? any thoughts


I’m gunna wear astros I think


Kl :slight_smile: yeah I was looking up the place we will be playing and it’s one of those new 3g pitch i think? Lol and pretty sure you can wear either boots or trainers,plus astros will be more comfortable :slightly_smiling_face:


You need to be over 27.5bmi to be eligible. Everyone has their own targets and goals and we try our best to support as many of these as we can.


I don’t like boots they hurt my feet can’t wait to go trainer shopping lol


Yeah exactly that’s a good point:slight_smile: same Il prop get some on Sunday.


Been told by my bro who plays here regularly boots are better especially when it gets wet as it gets very slippy.
I’ve got astros tho (not easy getting them when you have wide feet)


Great - i qualify - thanks for the info -


Hi everyone, I am Stuart (44) father of 5. I have not kicked a ball in anger for over 10 years due to a previous broken ankle so spent my time coaching kids instead. Over recent years I have changed sports to tenpin bowling far more sedate a pace to match my weight.

This year I made a change and joined the Slimming World with my wife but didn’t enjoy it at all (the sessions that is) though I followed the way of eating and managed to lose 3 stone. I am fed up of paying to weigh and leave, this should be far more enjoyable! Still over the 20stone mark so plenty still to lose!

Hoping that my son will join me (on a seperate team please).

AstroTurf boots bought, though it was damn hard to find a pair size16!

Only question I have is what happens if NCFC are playing on a Friday night?


The matches are played at heartsease academy (only the registration is at carrow Park - not Carrow Road) :slight_smile:


Awesome thanks notorious:slight_smile: I would prefer boots but I’m a size 12 and wide feet and boots always annoying to get on lol so I think I’m going to get astros :slight_smile:. Quick question I know Norwich well and were Carrow road is is carrow park basically next to It?? And best way to get to It??


Hi, just joined the Norwich league and looking forward to Jan. What does it mean when it says 50% funded?