MAN v FAT Football Norwich League



Welcome Tom:-) good to see more and more joining the league. Not long now will be a good journey :slight_smile: See you all soon lads


Hi im Lewis, Decided to join up with my mate @Notorious-P.I.G

im 5’4 and weigh just under 13st my biggest downfall is Alcohol and that bloody KFC opposite the FDC

i know im not huge and wasnt sure if i would be too small but seeing that there are other smaller players i thought i have no reason not to sign up.

i would like to shift a couple of stone and i enjoy football so this is perfect


Hi all, the league lasts 4 months and we’ve got funding to give the first 80 players to register the second half of the league for free, so you’ll pay the usual £25 pcm for your first 2 months of membership, then your recurring payments will stop for 2 months - it’s really important you don’t cancel the Direct Debit during this time, as the site will bump your profile for this.
No alternatives will be offered (ie if you do the first two months and then decide to leave, we won’t refund you!)


Thanks for clearing this up - how do the first 80 people find out who they are?


When we hit 80 we’ll edit the league homepage to remove the discount, we’re up to 40 so far


Thanks for that.
At the current total - have we got enough to start the league off?
How many payers form a team usually? Is there roll on/off subs etc


Teams of 10 play 6 a side with rolling subs, we’ll be looking at either 6 or 8 teams and I don’t anticipate a delay to the launch


Who picks the teams as I would like to play alongside @Notorious-P.I.G as we joined together



Hi All

My name is Tom

Registered before Christmas but only now getting round to writing on here!!
Been wanting to play football for ages but haven’t found the right kind of thing. This seems perfect for me.

Hoping to lose 4-5 stone overall really. Wanting to be able to keep up with my son when he starts running!

See you all soon!


Well that’s a bonus :slight_smile: appreciate the post.


They’re drawn randomly but we can link two people together, I’ll sort for you


Yeah it’s good isn’t it!


Can you please email craig at manvfat dot com, cheers


Hi All.

Signed up a few days ago, looking forward to this starting. Possibly in the worst shape of my life, having previously lost 5 stone about 10yrs ago then putting it all (and more) back on.

Just one question - I paid extra for the book when registering, does that get delivered or given out on the 19th?


Welcome gav:-) good for you joining and at least you have made that first step :slight_smile: I also got the book and if I can remember when they took payment I got my book a little while after that. As it’s close to registration they might give it to then?? See you soon.


Book gets posted out. Was around a week/2 weeks after I signed up I received mine.


Cheers guys.

Getting a little too excited to go boot shopping - haven’t owned a pair for about 15 years!

Anyone got any recommendations on shin pads - are they pretty much all the same or should I be looking out for certain features?


hey guys hope u all has a good Xmas and new year with the league fast approaching what’s the best way to communicate as this forum is a bit hit and miss haha and info can easily be missed does the league have a facebook page and is there any thoughts on a WhatsApp group?


pretty much any I would say mate not like tackles are going to be flying in personally unless it’s a league requirement I won’t be wearing any they annoy me


if just seen we have 40 will that mean we start the league with 4 teams?