MAN v FAT Football Norwich League



oh and whilst I’m here I’m starting a team in dereham 6 a side league I’m struggling for players I have 6-7 could do with another 3 so if any of you are in dereham/watton and fancy adding another game to your week give me a shout same thing as here really 6 a side rolling subs if u come along you will play as much or as little as u want league starts 14th Wednesday night 8-9


I was just wondering when the league starts does anyone live at or near hellesdon that could pick me up and drop me off as it will be difficult for me to get there I am willing to give a bit of money for petrol costs if that helps many thanks


Hi Gary,

Sign up is Friday 19th and games start from the Friday afterwards. I’m in Thorpe Marriott so can give you a lift?


From what I’ve read on these forums, it seems they link you a WhatsApp group closer to time but I agree, that or a Facebook group etc would be easier.


Is that there and back I can get to the sign up on the 19th ok that’s not a problem it’s just to and from the games really like I say I don’t mind giving a bit of money for fuel and I could meet you at fishes restaurant on Drayton high road so you don’t even have to go off course so to speak


Yeah I’ll be going straight home afterwards so there and back isn’t a problem. Do you live near Fishes as I live the other side of TM and come through by the Co-Op/Snooker place next to the roundabout.


That’s fine I can meet you there no problem outside coop/ snooker place just name a time and I will be there each week thank you so much that is really helpful you have no idea how much do you want for petrol


It’s an 8 start so 7:45? I’ll be there on the 19th anyway to discuss and say hello but the time and location works for me. No charge pal, I’d be literally driving past anyway.


Thanks a lot mate can’t thank you enough yes will see you on the 19th for sure so we will at least know what each other look like thanks again


I’m literally down the road from you so can also help out if needed.


Pretty sure I read it’s a requirement.

Sent you a message.


looks like I’m buying a pair then hahaah


if anyone lives along the b1101 from watton to Norwich and needs a lift I can pick u up on way


Is there an age limit on this?

I am 54 and haven’t played since schooldays so basically will be crap but thinking of it as a good exercise option

I am already down from 18st to 16st and looking to get sub 15st so not massive weight to shift , just looking for a healthy option

Also a Boro fan but don’t hold that against me!


Hi Gary,

No age limit mate ( well its 16+ but i don’t think your worried about that one). Lots of the guys are in the same boat in terms of how long its been and their ability so don’t worry too much about that.

Cheers, Ben


Don’t worry Gary I was 57 when I started last year and hadn’t played for over 30 years however I’m still no Trevor Francis :sunglasses: but enjoy every game I play in and look forward to every week, have fun


@gav @Gary_Mac would you two be open to being placed on the same team? It will just mean you will play matches at the same time - helpful especially if you are car sharing.


That’s perfectly fine with me if it’s alright with @Gav


Yeah that’s fine. As long as @Gary_Mac is a good player! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I need someone on the team to compensate for my poor ability!


Well I was going to say the same thing lol :joy: