MAN v FAT Football Norwich League



wahoooooooooooooo I’m a Boro fan too


Hi Team Noriwch I just wanted to give you all a heads up that the second week in 2nd bed I’m going to have to miss as I’ve got a family commitment unfortunately but that will be the only week I miss. So if I’m on your team I do apologise but wanted you guys to know. Hope this ok @Hollywood?


Just make sure your team captain knows so he can balance the team accordingly.


I’ll be coming from Cromer if anyone else needs a lift to matches as well…


Hello all,

Just looked to sign up…but noticed the kick off time is 8.00. I have to pick my son up from Carrow Park at 8.00 on a Friday as he’s on a course there…is there any leeway so I can drop him at home (in Thorpe) and get there for 8.10ish?





Your kick-off time won’t be the same every week - if you are to miss a match (or part of it) just let your captain know so he can balance the team accordingly.


Hi all. was looking at this last year but completely forgot about it until this evening. Absolutely buzzing to get going. Need to lose some weight before the holiday season. Anyone coming from wymondham then happy to share lifts etc


Nice one glad you are buzzing:-) will be good I’m from Wymondham 2 haha


I wouldn’t even know where to start when trying to pronounce that. . . :man_facepalming:


Haha it is a funny one if you haven’t heard it before :joy:


It’s Happisburgh or Costessey that normally confuse the ‘outsiders’!

Looking forward to registration this week, the beginning of the end of the old me. Just finished reading the Manual which to answer my own question previously, does get posted to you. Even more determined to shed the stones permanently!


Good to see so many joining now :slight_smile:

Me and my step brother joined at Christmas and looking forward to starting.

What’s the rundown of Friday 19th sign up ? Do we just literally sign up any go again ? ( rough time scale)

Also can we be out together in same teams?

When do we find out our teams ?

Also whatsapp groups suits me, il be sure to set up a team one once I’ve met everyone anyway.



It sure is It a building and building so that’s good :slight_smile: registration is at 7pm Carrow park opposite the jarold end I believe. I believe yòu can be on the same team as your step brother @MvFFootballHelp? I believe they create a WhatsApp group on registration night which everyone will be pleased about :slight_smile: someone asked from the group if you can bring support along to registration and matches and yes you can it’s better with support from family and friends. Be good to meet you both.


And I think they will pick teams next week when we start or maybe at registration???


Yes thats fine, Thanks for letting us know.


Hi Jaimie,

If you send an email to me with your names ill be sure to place you on the same team.

Cheers, Ben.


So the big Question is now we are less than a week away who is getting excited?

As if your not already like a kid at Christmas the good news is that in the next 48 hours we will be creating team whatsapp groups and allocating everyone a team and every team a colour. We will also be adding your coach into these whatsapp groups so that you can ask us any further questions you have.

Once you are in your team chats you can start getting to know each other, talk about shirts (check out https://shop.manvfat.com9) and what your aims are for the season.


Sounds fantastic :slight_smile: I am excited


Nervous excited worried a mixture of emotions to be honest