MAN v FAT Football Norwich League



Nice to see this evening itv news Anglia promototing man v fat football what a cracking job man v fat have done for thousands of men :+1:


Yes just seen this on Anglia news. It’s something I would like to do but I’m unavailable next Friday for registering. Can I still join?


Hi Mark not 100% sure @MvFFootballHelp ?? More the better


Hi all,

just seen manvfat on the news and i think its amazing. i want to join on Friday, can i do this on my own or do i need a full team of players.

Are games every friday? i have to work till 10pm every 3rd friday, will this be an issue>

i thinks this could finally be the thing to get my Bottom in gear and lose some timber.

cheers all.

hope to hear back from you.



Evening Greg:-) I’m glad it’s getting noticed I think it’s great hense why I joined lol. You can come on your own or get family and friends to join also. I signed up myself and im coming on my own. Il be missing one game and as long as you let your team captain know so he can sort teams then no proplem. Hope this helps? And yes every fiday 8-9pm registartion is this Friday at Carrow park at 7pm


@AshW1508 cheers for the reply mate.

Thats perfect. I Will make sure I’m there Friday to register.


No worries :+1:


Any advice where to park on Friday near Carrow park?? If not will have to be multi story


There’s a car park between the stadium and Carrow Park and last time I went Carrow Park i just parked there. Otherwise just park in Morrisons - beats paying for the multi-storey.


Thanks Gav is that the car park near the Barclay and holiday inn? (That end of the stand) Yeah I did think of that but I didn’t know if they do you for that as your bot using Morrisons? :slight_smile:


Yeah you drive past the hotel, I think it’s called Canary Road? There could parking restrictions (it was a while since I parked there).

I suppose technically you’re not supposed to use Morrisons but I’ve never had any issues as long as you don’t overstay the time which I think is 2hrs (90mins on a matchday!).


Nice one appreciate you replying:-) take care and see you soon


Hi Gav,it says earlier in the forum shinpads must be worn,so i guess find a comfortable pair.


Yes you can - just turn up a bit earlier for your first week so we can register you then.


No shinpads = no play.


No likey - no lighty :wink:


Let the monkey - see the nuts :joy:


Hi all, new to this. How do you find out what the teams are?


Hi there was a post by Hollywood the other day if you scroll up a bit it’s there :slight_smile: they will be creating a what’s app group and giving us a team colour and basically picking the teams ready for next week :+1:


Morning all.

Really close to starting now and everyone should receive an email this morning with team details on. Don’t forget you can still get mates to sign up with you so keep spreading the word.

Cheers, Ben.