MAN v FAT Football Norwich League



Ah yeah, still getting used to this thing - cheers mate :slight_smile:


No worries mate there’s alot to take in on this forum :laughing::+1:


Got my email this morning with team details!
Cant wait to get started!!! :call_me_hand:


My email said team green but when I joined the WhatsApp group it said yellow :confused:


Same here I’ve just replied back to Ben and asked why it’s yellow and not green??? Come on the greens :grin::+1:


It’s now been changed :grin:


All Sorted, sorry lads :see_no_evil:


No worries haha these things happen :joy:


Come on the blue team


Ben I’ve emailed you can you please check or private message me thanks


I can feel the excitement. . .


Hello Everyone,

Been struggling with my weight for far too long and a mate at work ‘Waynenos’ told me about this. Sounds like a great way to lose weight and have fun, I want to be able to run again…lol. Look forward to meeting you guys soon.



Ello mate glad u joined u goin to registration tommrow mate


Yes mate, where will you park?


Think they said u can use the car park behind the jarrold stand opposite Carrow Park


Do u no if u have bin put in a team yet as I’m In The blue team…


Dunno yet how do I check?
I did this a bit late so maybe they haven’t had a chance to decice.


They sent emails out maybe there still sorting yours out they should let u no on here anyway wats happening mate


Cool, well looking foward to it, see you tomorrow


Yeah can’t wait mate